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1[[quoteright:199:]]²[[caption-width-right:199:I've got this almost figured out...]]²''Pomysłowy Dobromir'' (Inventive Dobromir) is a Polish children's series of 20 animated shorts, produced from 1973 to 1975. ²²Every short follows a similar formula. Dobromir, a boy living in the country, sees his grandpa struggling with some back-breaking physical task. Dobromir, in a flash of inspiration, designs a mechanical tool which would automate the task. His animal friend, a smart but unintelligible bird, attempts to describe the invention to the grandfather, who only manages to grasp the concept when Dobromir brings in his newly-constructed tool for a demonstration of how it makes life easier.²The series was written by Adam Słodowy, the RealLife GadgeteerGenius from Polish TV, who ran his 'Do it yourself' show for years, majorly averting DoomItYourself.²²The series was continued in the years 1984-1988 with ''Pomysłowy Wnuczek'' (Inventive Grandson), based on the same concept. You'll find it, along with [[WesternAnimation/HipHipAndHurra some more]] [[Animation/PiesekWKratke cartoons]] by the same studio, on the [[ studio's official YouTube channel]].²----²!!The series features the following tropes:²* BrilliantButLazy: Perceptiveness and [[LaboriousLaziness an active mind, along with good amount of laziness]] is how people become inventors, Dobromir included.²* CheerfulChild: Dobromir's default expressions seem to be a huge grin and the "thinking frown".²* CivilizedAnimal: The bird is able to towel himself off when wet, but not to talk (he's quite "talkative" but in mime and tweets only).²* EdutainmentShow: You could say that. If not the inventions themselves, there was always the physics that made them work.²* FeatherFingers: The bird.²* GadgeteerGenius: Dobromir.²* GoodParents: Good grandparent, proud of his inventive grandson.²* IdeaBulb: A characteristic variant—Dobromir's idea is depicted as a marble bouncing on his head until it finally settles down and pops with a bright flash.²* MacGyvering: Most machines are build from whatever Dobromir had on hand.²* MimeAndMusicOnlyCartoon²* MinimalistCast: Almost all episodes feature only the three characters.²* MundaneUtility: Dobromir builds ingenious devices to (among others): wake him up in the morning, reap corn efficiently, pump water for the garden, cool the trio in the summer...²* NoNameGiven: The grandfather and the bird.²* PluckyComicRelief: Not that the light-hearted and cute cartoon needs much of this, but the bird is easily the [[FunnyBackgroundEvent funniest]] [[ButtMonkey character]].²* RaisedByGrandparents: Has anyone ever seen Dobromir's parents? (Or any other member of his family besides gramps?)²* RubeGoldbergDevice: Dobromir's machines [[DownplayedTrope downplay]] this, being needlessly complicated only until he figures out (by trial and error) the optimal design.²* ShownTheirWork: The machines are real world physics-compliant (designed by the one and the only [[łodowy Adam Słodowy]]), and we see quite a lot of technical drawings and designs.²* StrictlyFormula: There is a [[LaboriousLaziness minor inconvenience]] in Dobromir/his grandfathers' life. Dobromir notices it and starts building a machine to solve it, but the first attempt goes wrong. Then MacGyvering begins. Finally he drafts an actual, working device on his big blackboard, builds it (on his own or with grandfather's help), it works perfectly. Everybody's happy!²* ThisMeansWarpaint: PlayedForLaughs by the bird, when wild birds start eating the corn. ²----


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