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1'''''Be Advised! This Page Has Unmarked Spoilers!'''''²----²!Setting²Flip Flappers has two connected setting universes. The main universe (Earth/reality) is composed of one specific dimension, however the companion universe (Pure Illusion) contains a large amount of self-contained {{pocket dimension}}s that vary greatly.²²!!Earth (Main Universe)²At first glance, the main setting seems to be the ThePresentDay, however it reveals itself slowly to be TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture. While many things are the same as modern Japan, there are [[MechaMooks advanced robotics]] to be found (including ManInTheMachine versions), [[CoolChair hovering wheelchairs]], [[NebulousEvilOrganisation secret organizations]] studying extradimensional travel and advanced {{bioaugmentation}}, and more.²²!!Pure Illusion (Alternate Dimension)²First and foremost, Pure Illusion is AnotherDimension. Inside this dimension, there exist many PocketDimension[=s=]. These pocket dimensions vary wildly, from [[ElementalPlane snow and sand dimensions]] to AcidTripDimension[=s=] and even a WhiteVoidRoom dimension.²²Each of these dimensions contain creatures that range from non-sentient to sentient to sapient that seem to function on their own. Inherent technology varies a lot in each pocket dimension, ranging from none at all to advanced robotics.²²!!!Amorphous²The Amorphous is the dimensional warping energy that comes from Pure Illusion. Its natural form exists as a single crystallized mass. However ways exist for that crystal to shatter. When the crystal shatters, it's possible to hold onto fragments, but the crystal shards make their way into Pure Illusion's pocket dimensions and generally bond with the strongest creature in each dimension (which they are mostly unaware of). As a single crystal, the Amorphous is a {{Green Rock|s}}, but when shattered it becomes a {{Dismantled|MacGuffin}} MineralMacGuffin.²²!!!Power Acquisition²²Various powers, most notably the DimensionalTraveler powers, can be [[MagicEnhancement gained]] by possessing the Amorphous (in part or whole). Generally shards of the Amorphous are [[BadassTransplant implanted]] below the skin. DesignerBabies can also be created with MagicGenetics that naturally have access and free use of the abilities more so than those with mere implantation. When an individual possesses the entire Amorphous, it permeates the entire body with no specific focus point.²²!!!Derived Powers²Those implanted with Amorphous shards can utilize them as an InterdimensionalTravelDevice both between the main universe and Pure Illusion and the sub-dimensions of Pure Illusion via the creation of [[PortalDoor portals]]. If someone possesses the entire Amorphous or Magic Genetics, they become a natural DimensionalTraveler and can go back and forth between Pure Illusion and Earth or switch between sub-dimensions of Pure Illusion as a {{psychic|powers}} ability and can open portals at will.²²The entire Amorphous also grants a RealityWarper ability that not only allows them to control and shape Pure Illusion at will, but they can also [[WhenDimensionsCollide bleed that power into the Earth dimension]] which allows them to impose their will in both realities.[[note]]However, their large-scale reality warping powers aren't as freely usable as they are in Pure Illusion, but they're just as deadly.[[/note]]²²Those who possess the Amorphous (in fragment or whole) can access to an enhanced SuperMode "transformation" that's accessed [[PsychoactivePowers psychoactively]]. Having access to the Amorphous is no guarantee of ability to transform. While few can access the first transformation, there do exist [[NextTierPowerUp higher power transformation levels]].²²The primary transformation is shown to completely [[PowerUpFullColorChange change]] the person's appearance. Hair [[PowerMakesYourHairGrow grows]] and becomes [[PowerDyesYourHair recolored]], [[PowerGivesYouWings wings appear]], eyes [[EyeColourChange change color]], and a [[MiniDressOfPower new garment]] appears. Secondary transformations afterwards generally revert the color changes to hair and eyes, changes dress and wings.²----


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