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1* There's a strong argument to be made that the entire sub-genre of PopPunk is built on this trope.˛* The Music/TheyMightBeGiants song "Withered Hope" is about about a [[LoveDodecahedron Love Pentagon]] that's like this. A Very Sad Sack loves Withered Hope, who has a soul mate, who loves a picture of a crook, who loves a motorcycle, who loves Very Sad Sack…˛* The Temptations' hit, [[ "Just my Imagination",]] has the narrator sing about a girl that passes by his window each day, and fantasizes about being loved back, married, moving into the countryside, having kids with her… [[TitleDrop but that's just his imagination, running away with him.]]˛* Music/TheJGeilsBand's "Love Stinks".˛-->You love her, but she loves him\˛And he loves somebody else, you just can't win˛* Quite the theme for Music/TheSmiths. "I Know It's Over", "I Want The One I Can't Have," "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out", "Back to the Old House", etc.˛* The Music/{{Aqualung}} song [[ "Strange and Beautiful"]] is the very definition of this trope. The song is about how the protagonist wants someone and wishes they could put a spell on them to make their love requited.˛* Music/ThePharcyde's [[ "Passin' Me By"]] is this trope in hip-hop form.˛* "Sami" from ''WebVideo/LittleWhiteLie'' by Creator/TeamStarkid. [[ Have a listen]].˛* Music/{{Helloween}}'s "A Tale That Wasn't Right".˛* Music/TaylorSwift offers [[ "Invisible"]]:˛--> She can't see the way your [[WhatBeautifulEyes eyes light up when you smile]]˛--> She'll never notice how you [[EyesNeverLie stop and stare]] whenever she walks by˛--> And [[ObliviousToLove you can't see me]] wanting you the way you want her˛--> But you are [[LoveTriangle everything to me]]˛%%* How could you guys forget [[ some]] [[ of]] [[ Supercell's]] [[ works?]]˛* Vanessa Carlton's song [[ "Rinse"]] is about all unrequited love, and it states that the girl in the song should give up her love for a guy who doesn't love her back but can't.˛* Music/StevieWonder's [[ "My Cherie Amour"]]:˛--> In the cafe or sometimes on a crowded street˛--> I've been near you, but you never notice me.˛* "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" by Music/MeatLoaf: The singer can't love the girl he's singing to, because he's in love with another woman who, true to the trope, doesn't love him.˛* "Everybody Plays the Fool", a song with famous versions by R&B group The Main Ingredient and by Aaron Neville.˛* Music/TheSubmarines' [[ "Xavia"]] puts it quite succinctly;˛--> Why is it that no two people feel the same way at the same time?˛* The Korean Vocaloid SeeU's song [[ "Mission"]] is a fine example of this trope;˛--> My heart weakens as I think of you in the middle of the night˛--> Yet you wouldn't even realize my feelings towards you even in my dreams.˛* Patrick Stump's [[ "Everybody Wants Somebody"]]:˛--> Everybody wants somebody˛--> Who doesn't want them, ˛--> Or wants somebody else, baby˛* The Burning Hell's song "Grave Situation, Part 3" describes a love quadrangle involving "a man who loved a man who loved a woman who loved another man"˛* In "Living Next Door to Alice", most successfully covered by Smokie, the narrator has been in love with his neighbor for 24 years, but couldn't tell her. And now she's moving away. Meanwhile, the narrator's friend, Sally has been in love with him for 24 years, but he ignored her because of Alice.˛* Kate Nash's song [[ "The Nicest Thing"]] ˛* Marv Johnson's 1961 single [[ "Merry Go Round"]]˛* Music/EltonJohn brings a gay perspective to the trope in [[ "Elton's Song"]].˛* "The Story of Nothing!" by Music/TheAquabats is about a guy being hit by the realization that his crush doesn't seem to know he exists.˛-->True love, the birds would sing\˛And trees would call her name as she walked by\˛Love was grand, until the magic day\˛She turned me into…\˛\˛Nothing! Let's talk about something else\˛I'm starting not to see myself\˛She went so far away\˛But I still see her every day˛* With the exception of [[OfficialCouple Natsuki and Yuu]], none of the romance in ''Music/ConfessionExecutiveCommitteeLoveSeries'' seem to go anywhere:˛** Kotaro has a crush Hina, but she likes Koyuki, who is in love with Natsuki.˛** Souta fell in LoveAtFirstSight with Akari, who's not really interested in romance yet (although the official website mention that she might have a liking for Haruki).˛** Weirdly, Haruki and Mio have unrequited love for ''each other''. They're both interested, but neither found the courage to confess until they both graduated and moved on from each other.˛* Vertical Horizon's "Everything You Want" is about pining for someone who doesn't love you back.˛* "Layla" by Music/DerekAndTheDominos is about Music/EricClapton being in love with his [[Music/GeorgeHarrison best friend]]'s wife.˛* "Black" by Music/PearlJam.˛* "Catch the Wind" by Donovan.˛* Music/TameImpala's "The Less I Know the Better": the narrator is dismayed that the object of his affection is sleeping around with an idiot called Trevor.˛-->She said, "It's not now or never\˛Wait ten years, we'll be together"\˛I said, "Better late than never\˛Just don't make me wait forever"˛* "Shiver" by Music/{{Coldplay}}.˛* "Losing My Religion" by Music/{{REM}}˛* Music/TheTurtles' "Happy Together" is this despite the [[LyricalDissonance upbeat, cheery tune]].˛* Unrequited love, and relationships with people who are taken occur frequently as themes in Music/HoboJohnson's songs. "Peach Scone" and "Mover Awayer" are pretty much all about loving someone who's not interested.˛----


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