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* VindicatedByHistory


* VindicatedByHistoryVindicatedByHistory: The film did poorly upon release, but got recognized as an early black comedy classic later on.

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* {{Sequelitis}}: Or remake-tis, as the remake was criticized as just mediocre, cutting out many elements of the original, such as the second and third music-driven fantasies and how the main character dealt with them.

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* OneSceneWonder: Edgar Kennedy as Sweeney, the detective hired to follow Daphne. At first, he's comical in his effusive praise for Sir Alfred ("Nobody handles Handel the way you handle Handel!"), but then, you realize he too had a wife who cheated on him, and he becomes empathetic. Kennedy is able to effortlessly swing from one mood to the other in the space of a few minutes.

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