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* CultClassic
* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff: The film was more successful overseas than in America.
-->'''Creator/WalterHill''': They loved it overseas, but in those days, that didn't matter that much. It made exactly zero dollars in the United States.
* MisaimedMarketing: Producer Lawrence Gordon on why the film wasn't initially successful:
-->If we'd had Creator/ClintEastwood in the film, we'd have been forgiven everything and they'd have said, 'It's another Eastwood film about driving cars'." If we'd had [[Creator/SteveMcQueenActor Steve McQueen]], we'd have been compared to ''Film/{{Bullitt}}'' or ''Film/TheGetaway''. We were treated as an art film rather than an action film. We took a unique approach to standard material. We'd go the same way again, but with a different cast we might have attracted an audience. I believe in returning investors' money - and if I could make ''The Driver'' again I'd try to rectify it for a commercial market. When you're writing this kind of script... naturally you think of an action lead like [[Creator/CharlesBronson Bronson]] or Eastwood... and certainly Fox wanted a name. But when we got Ryan, I suggested we make changes to suit his character. This is always the director's prerogative.
* VindicatedByHistory: It was box office disappointment and received unfavourable reviews. Now it's been discovered as a CultClassic.

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