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* FanPreferredCouple: Van and Ale are probably the most popular ship right now, in spite of [[IncompatibleOrientation the minor issue of Ale being very, very gay]].
** Jake and Julie are also very well-liked because of Julie's EnsembleDarkHorse status.
* TheScrappy: ''Morgan''. Literally every person to comment on the story has admitted to actively hating her, and even called for her to be very violently killed off.
* TheWoobie: Both Orsini siblings to an extent, but especially Jane. No dad, her mother is a drunk who openly regrets ever having had children, she considers the people she hangs around with to be more like her brother's friends than her's, and [[spoiler: she's managed to get herself into a situation where her [[{{Sadist}} ex-boyfriend]] is responsible for collecting the money she owes for drugs that she takes to more easily cope with all of this.]]

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