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History YMMV / SeventhSon

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* MagnificentBastard: John Alpha.

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*CompleteMonster: John Alpha kills his innocent clones and commits a cruel MindRape on his own mother. In order to drive up oil prices and make more money, he arranges for the nuking of Saudi Arabia. Alpha conscripts the homeless and less fortunate into an army as cannon fodder and tries to establish his own 4th Reich to reign over the world.

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* MagnificentBastard: John Alpha.
* NightmareFuel: John Alpha just keeps bringing it, starting with his spree of NETPH-charges and psi-jackings.
* ParanoiaFuel:
** ''You'' could be a clone, your childhood memories uploaded into your head from the original.
** Your parents acting strange? Your friends? Your children? Maybe their personalities were deleted and replaced by that of a rogue government assassin bent on murder and anarchy.

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