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* LesYay: Between Yukari and Nanako. Not helped by how some of the scenes are framed, OR how apparently one of Yukari's "research material" on what to do when Nanako visits her home turned out to be... a yuri manga magazine.
** Episode 2, Nanako and Yukari are talking on the roof about helping the town. At the end of their little talk Yukari leans in and says "Let's figure it out together." When the camera pans out, their faces are incredibly close and their postures make it look like Yukari just stole a kiss. They stay like that for several seconds until their phones ring. Figure out things together indeed.
** Episode 3, when Nanako rips off Yukari's clothes to reveal her swimming suit.
--> '''Yukari:''' Next time I get to take off your clothes!
** Yukari and Nanako also discuss who would be the bride if they would get married. Yukari finally hits on a winning solution: they'll be wife and wife, instead of husband and wife.
** Episode 5 has a moment. When asked what she hopes would happen in the future, Yukari has a LuminescentBlush and wishes to be closer to Nanako. Steam even comes out as she speaks.
** And Episode 9 positively doubles down on the Yukari and Nanako LesYay. The EyeCatch even have the RedStringOfFate!
** In Episode 10, Yukari positively beams with joy after misinterpreting Nanako's request.
--> '''Nanako:''' Will you go out with me now?
** Episode 11, when Yukari jokingly suggests that Nanako sleeps in the same bed as her. Much to Yukari's surprise, Nanako agrees!
** The OVA just oozes LesYay between the two of them.
* MemeticMutation: A screenshot of Yukari shook upon seeing distorted looks of Nanako is quite popular.
* UglyCute: The initial reaction by both Yukari and Nanako to Uogokoro-kun was... mixed, to say the least. While it eventually worked out, both girls in the end wonder how the concept even got the green-light from the local government.
-->'''Nanako:''' I don't feel like he'll sell at all.

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