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History YMMV / FuturamaS2E2BranniganBeginAgain

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* UnintentionallyUnsympathetic: While Fry and Bender were holding the JerkassBall and their stupidity caused a lot of trouble, Leela punished them and Zapp for breaking the dolly by making them drag their cargo by-hand on a planet with gravity so heavy, rain hurts them. Not only was she being cruel and unusual, but also impractical unless their customer was really patient with waiting hours for their pillows. She could have made them do the job properly with the spare dolly and punished them more reasonably when they got back home.

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* WhatAnIdiot: The Planet Express crew brings oversized scissors to Zapp Brannigan for the grand opening of the new DOOP headquarters.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Zapp to kindly take the scissors and cut the ribbon with them.\\
'''Instead:''' Zapp, using the power of InsaneTrollLogic, thinks that the Planet Express crew is trying to assassinate a few aliens with those scissors and puts them under arrest, using the laser from his Nimbus ship instead to cut the ribbon.\\
'''Thus:''' The new DOOP headquarters get blown up by the laser, leading to the events of the rest of the episode.

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