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History YMMV / BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E19NewMoonRising

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* GeniusBonus: While sneaking into the Initiative, the Scooby Gang are surrounded by enemy soldiers. Buffy quickly grabs their leader as a hostage with a crossbow to his head:
-->'''Buffy''': "Stay back, or I'll pull a William Burroughs on your leader here."
-->'''Xander''': "You'll bore him to death with free prose?"
-->'''Buffy''': "Was I the only one awake in English class that day?"
** The exchange is funny even if you know nothing about Creator/WilliamSBurroughs, a famous author from the 50's who's probably best known for writing the book ''Literature/NakedLunch''. However, Buffy's original threat only makes sense if you know that William Burroughs drunkenly shot his own wife to death.

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