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* MemeticMutation: The series’ 90’s golden-era featured commentary legend Murray Walker in the commentary booth. He’s going to provide plenty of this:
** "The car upside-down is a Toyota!"[[note]]His response to Will Hoy’s crash at a 1993 Silverstone round, which in-turn [[WeirdAlEffect references an old Toyota UK slogan]] ("The car in front is a Toyota"). The moment also became a minor NeverLiveItDown moment for Will Hoy, with even Toyota UK [[ having some fun with it]] in a retrospective on their history in the BTCC.[[/note]]

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* VindicatedByHistory: The Volvo 850 Estate that was entered in the 1994 season primarily for publicity reasons. A bizarre left-field choice at the time, it has since become beloved among fans as one of the most iconic cars the series has ever had. It also probably helps that another estate car, the Subaru Levorg, would be entered into the series in the late 2010's to surprising success, proving that the idea of a racing estate car isn't as crazy as it sounds.

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