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History YMMV / BatmanTheAnimatedSeriesE12ItsNeverTooLate

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* RetroactiveRecognition: A Young Creator/JoshKeaton voices the young version of Michael (though credited as Josh Wiener at the time).

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* JerkassWoobie: Arnold Stromwell is a mob boss involved in illegal drug manufacturing and was a delinquent since his youth. On the other hand, because of his criminal activies, he's now estranged with his wife and his son. He's also deeply haunted by an incident during his childhood, when his brother lost his leg saving him from a train. The plot of his episode is that his criminal empire is threatened by Rupert Thorne and a conflict finally erupt when Stromwell's son goes missing. However, Thorne isn't the culprit. Stromwell is horrified to discover that his son had been taking drugs manufactured by his organization and had to be hospitalized. [[spoiler:In the end of his episode, Stromwell is convinced by Batman and by his brother to surrender himself to the police.]]

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