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History YMMV / AvatarTheLastAirbenderTheSerpentsPass

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** It's mentioned that the Fire navy controls the western part of the lake (the gap might be too shallow to allow their ships to pass), presumably the serpent keeps them away.

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* FridgeBrilliance: After the treacherous journey, the young couple name their baby Hope - there's a famously treacherous RealLife nautical route that's best known by its main waypoint, the Cape of Good Hope.
* FridgeLogic: Ba Sing Se is an enormous city and the last Earth Kingdom stronghold. Refugees are flocking to it from all over the world. The ferries from Full Moon Bay are common knowledge among the refugees. So unless the Fire Nation is just really bad at finding things (which is arguably true), then the refugee ferries can't really be ''that'' hidden. So why hasn't the Fire Nation blocked them off?
** It's possible that there are multiple water routes that get changed periodically and it would be too great strain on Fire Nation's naval resources to guard them all.
*** Why would the Fire Nation want to stop the flood of refugees to Ba Sing Se? Why would they want the city to have fewer mouths to feed, fewer beggars and less crime? Sure some of the refugees are going to be of value, but most will just cause problems.

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