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* CompleteMonster: Jonathan, hands down.


* CompleteMonster: Jonathan, hands down.In the 1991 remake, [[GoldDigger Jonathan Corliss]] is a seemingly charismatic psychopath who tries to take over the Carlsson Corporation. Murdering his girlfriend for getting pregnant, Jonathan forges a suicide note to cover his tracks. After he arrived at New York, He then kills a hitchhiker to assume his own identity. Seducing the sister of the girlfriend he murdered, Dorothy, Jonathan kills her ex-boyfriend for recognizing him, also staging the murder to look like a suicide. When Dorothy's best friend also discovers who Jonathan is, he murders and dismembers her. When her sister was getting closer to the truth, Jonathan tries to murder her and then callously explains that he will simply have to comfort her father as he loses another child.

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* CompleteMonster: Jonathan, hands down.

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