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"The Creation" is an animated short film (8 minutes) from 1981, directed by Will Vinton.

It is the story of the creation of the world as described in the Literature/BookOfGenesis--sort of. Actually, it's an adaptation of James Weldon Johnson's poem "[[ The Creation]]", which is the story of Genesis rendered as an African-American folk singer. The animated effects were created by using paint on glass. Johnson's poem is read by none other than Creator/JamesEarlJones.


* AnimatedAdaptation: A cartoon imitation of James Weldon Johnson's poem.
* ArtImitatesArt: When God creates man, the man is briefly posed in a manner similar to Michaelangelo's "Creation of Adam" from the Art/SistineChapel.
* BarbieDollAnatomy: Adam is pretty smooth down there when he's briefly dancing around at the end of the cartoon.
* BornAsAnAdult: As is Genesis, Adam is born as an adult human.
* CreationMyth: A poetic representation of the Genesis myth, adapted into an animated short. Interestingly, in Johnson's poem, and thus in the cartoon, the rainbow appears as God smiles when he sees the rivers flowing to the sea. In Genesis, the rainbow comes later, as a sign from God after the Great Flood.
* GodIsGood: God was lonely, so he made a world, and it was good.
* JustSoStory: Where God walks, his footprints make the valleys and the displaced earth makes the mountains. God blinks his eyes, and makes lightning.
* LargeHam: James Earl Jones is very intense in his narration.
--> "He ''clapped'' his hands, and the thunders ROLLED."
* {{Narrator}}: James Earl Jones reads Johnson's poem.
* StopMotion: Done not with Will Vinton's usual "claymation" style, but with paint on glass.

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