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->The Merriest Place In Cyberspace


->The ->''The Merriest Place In Cyberspace

!!This website provides examples of:


!!This website provides examples of:of:

* ChristmasElves: Most of the characters are Santa's elves who help with the toys.
* ChristmasSongs: The website hosts several Christmas songs.
* SantaClaus: Santa Claus appears several times on the website.

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->The Merriest Place In Cyberspace

Claus is a Christmas-themed children's website that dates back to the 1995. It's a cartoony website that takes place in Santa's village on the North Pole. Amongst its features are a Naughty or Nice rater, Honorary Elf diplomas, holiday-related recipes, and various simple webgames.
!!This website provides examples of:

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