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[[WMG:Demigod Humans and Animal-People as Experiment]]


[[WMG:Demigod [[WMG:'''Demigod Humans and Animal-People as Experiment]]

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[[WMG:Demigod Humans and Animal-People as Experiment]]

In issue #8 Learoyd bumps into a seemingly human woman. The woman is clothed like a deity, all gold and finery, and exhibits some supernatural control over her technological bees and vehicle. While Learoyd is unable to ask her any questions she reveals that there are other people like her in the story's present and that their presence is a strict secret to the animal-people.

Now the woman could be a god, but I don't think this is the case. She calls her associates by normal human names like "Macready." She also talks in a common and human-like way. The best evidence to point to her being a god is that she mentions having been alive for ''centuries'' but this would work into my theory that the humans in the story's present have achieved a demi-god level of technological/magical advancement.

The question of how Earth became inhabited with anthropomorphic animals has been a prominent one from the beginning and I think one probable explanation is that these advanced humans created the animal-people. Maybe they did so as an experiment or merely to see if they could. Or maybe it was accidental. That's my take on things.

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