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* EpilepticTrees: Website/SFDebris put together a theory as to what happened to the Valakians and the Menk in the greater scope of the franchise:
** The Valakians were discovered by the Romulans at some point before the end. With the stories of how humanity turned their back on them, the Romulans proceeded to help them with gene therapy that would require special suits. They believed they could groom the Valakians into an ally that would eventually be used in vengeance against Earth, but they were betrayed, leaving a new Romulan saying "Never turn your back on a Breen." Two hundred years later, the Breen would finally have their revenge... by joining the Dominion and launching a devastating attack on Earth, along with demanding that Earth be within their post-war borders once they had won.
** The Menk, the less intelligent species, would try to escape their world as the Valakians turned mad. Unfortunately, they were found and "employed" (i.e. enslaved) by the Ferengi, being forced into a life of backbreaking labor. Eventually, they were able to overpower their oppressors and gorged themselves on food after a lifetime of subsistence, becoming very fat and "always looking for things that make them go"...that is, [[LowCultureHighTech the Pakleds]].

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