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* Confirmed. The final civil war in Zhcted took place between Tina and Tigre, using their most powerful arsenals.

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[[WMG: Tir Nal Fal is the demon's motivation for their hunt for Tigre.]]
Although the Demon's motivation towards Tigre is unknown, it is speculated that Tir Na Fal herself have something to do with their sinister motivation.
*Confirmed. According to Drekavac, the demon needs the Black Bow to summon Tir Na Fal into the human realm in order to fulfill their sinister plot in. Ganelon, despite being the only survivor of the Demons and apparently the one who knows more about her, continuing the late demon's work in contributing the Goddess of Darkness's descend onto the human realm.

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[[WMG:The final civil war in Zhcted will be the war to end all wars.]]
One can possibly imagine that the final battle in Zhcted will decide the definitive order of the four kingdoms. Every side will bring their most powerful arsenals we can't possibly imagine. Admit it, it will be great to see that sort of final battle topping the ones in volumes 4, 7 and 10.

[[WMG:[[WhereItAllBegan Alsace]] will be the last city visited in volume 17.]]
It will appear possibly in a {{Bookends}} sort of way.

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