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[[WMG: In the upcoming LEGO Marvel game...]]
* Steve Blum, Fred Tatasciore, and Nolan North will voice Wolverine, the Hulk, and Deadpool respectively. (Like we don't all want it to happen, especially since Clancy Brown was Lex Luthor in ''Batman 2'')
** Confirmed
* The ComicBook/FantasticFour will be in it. (A "4" platform can be seen in the development trailer)
** Confirmed
* Deadpool will break the fourth wall. Cover art shows him holding LEGO studs, and, well, it's pretty much his thing.
** Confirmed, of ''course''.

[[WMG: Characters & vehicles in LEGO Marvel]]
* Comicbook/AntMan
** Confirmed
* ComicBook/DoctorStrange
** Confirmed
* Comicbook/{{Daredevil}}
** Confirmed
* ComicBook/HowardTheDuck
** Confirmed
* H.E.R.B.I.E.
** Confirmed
* The Fantasticar
** [[ Confirmed]]
* Toad
** Confirmed
* Nightcrawler
* Jean Grey
** Confirmed. 90's costume ''and'' Phoenix.
* Juggernaut
** Confirmed
* The Spider-Mobile
** [[ Confirmed as DLC.]]
* [[ Iron Man 6]] (from Comicbook/TheUltimates)
* Ghost Rider
** Confirmed
* Quicksilver
* Scarlet Witch
* Ultron
* Star-Lord
** Confirmed
* Gamora
** Confirmed
* Drax The Destroyer
** Confirmed
* Groot
** Confirmed
* Nova
** Confirmed
* Iron Fist
** Very likely, since there's an actual LEGO Iron Fist
** Implied by appearing on a screen in Times Square
** Confirmed
* White Tiger
* Luke Cage
** Implied by appearing on a screen in Times Square
** Confirmed
* X-23
* The Hellcycle
** Confirmed
* Cable
* Kraven the Hunter
** Confirmed
* Chameleon
* Carnage
** Confirmed
* Scorpion
* Aldrich Killian
** Confirmed
* Mandarin
** If so, it'd ''better'' be the REAL Mandarin
** Confirmed. Possibly BOTH.
** Also confirmed, both the comic version ''and'' the film version show up.
* Whiplash
** Confirmed
* Iron Monger
* Crimson Dynamo
* Living Laser
* M.O.D.O.K
** Surprisingly confirmed
* Emma Frost
** Confirmed
* Shadowcat
* Psylocke
** Confirmed
* Apocalypse
* Mister Sinister
* Red Skull
** Confirmed
* Crossbones
* Batroc The Leaper
* Ronan The Accuser
** Confirmed
* Nebula
* She Hulk
** Confirmed
* Skaar
* Forbush Man
* Squirrel Girl's [[ Squirrel-a-gig]]
* Prince Namor, the ComicBook/SubMariner
* Comicbook/ManThing

[[WMG: Two of the trophies in LEGO Marvel will be [[MemeticMutation Master of Magnet and Welcome to Die]]]]
The former would be unlocked by completing a block moving puzzle with Magneto perfectly, while the latter is unlocked for defeating Magneto as Wolverine. LEGO Lord of the Rings had trophies named after internet memes too. (One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor and They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard!)
** If the Blob is in the game, they could have a trophy called Nothing Moves the Blob! To get it, you must stand still with no controller input for five minutes as the Blob.
*** Well, Blob ''is'' in it. We'll just have to see.
** How about "[[Film/TheAvengers2012 Puny God]]" from defeating Loki as the Hulk
*** [[ Confirmed]]

[[WMG: Theories on who that is Deadpool is attacking [[ here]].]]
* Wasp, maybe?
** Her hair isn't usually that long.
* A Brotherhood mook.
* Do "the Acolytes" ring a bell?

[[WMG: Ant-Man's abilities]]
One of the spaces on the character chart is clearly the shape of Ant-Man's helmet.
* Shrinking to fit through grates, like Mr. Fantastic
** Confirmed
* Summoning ant swarms, like Squirrel Girl
** Confirmed
* Transforming into Giant-Man, like Bruce Banner/Hulk
** Well, more like Venom/Ultimate Venom
*** Really, just growing 10x bigger and his head switching to Giant-Man
** Jossed
* Flight via shrinking down and summoning a flying ant, like Green Goblin's glider
** Jossed
* Computer hacking, like the other smart guys
** Confirmed
* As unlikely as it is, how about a trophy "Finnish What I Started" for destroying Ultron (if he's in it)?
** Ultron is not in it, so, Jossed.

[[WMG: Deadpool, Squirrel Girl, and She-Hulk will have a conversation.]]
And they will all break the fourth wall.
* Seems jossed, sadly.

[[WMG: Stan Lee is the game's version of The One Above All. (The most powerful being in the Marvel Universe. Basically the Author.)]]
* Evidence:
## He has the powers of at least one major character from each Marvel comic that Stan Lee himself had a hand in creating, making him essentially the most powerful character in the game.
## In the game, he's EVERYWHERE. He shows up more often that ''Deadpool''!

[[WMG: ComicBook/NormanOsborn filled his office with anti-Spider-Sense gas]]
Which he ''did'' have in the comics. It's not ForgotAboutHisPowers, it's ShownTheirWork.

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