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**[[spoiler: Confirmed]]

**[[spoiler: Her fate is left ambiguous for the majority of the second season, before episode 9 reveals she did survive but was imprisoned by the 'doctor' who lives in the woods. However, immediately after she escapes she is KilledOffForReal by Patty]]

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[[WMG: Stella Rose is NotQuiteDead]]
* The fact that Patty supposedly murdering Stella Rose is completely off screen, and Patty’s own wording that she “may have” killed Stella Rose leaves the writers ample room to reveal that she may have survived whatever Patty did to her. But this will only be revealed several episodes into the second season.
[[WMG: Patty will be exposed for killing Christian, possibly Stella Rose (see above), and maybe more after she wins Miss America or some other big time pageant.]]
* In the pilot narration, Patty says that she’s “the most famous beauty queen in America,” or something along those lines. Perhaps that fame will come from infamy?

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