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[[WMG: ''Ghost Ship'' and ''Film/Thir13enGhosts'' are [[TheVerse in the same universe]]]]


[[WMG: ''Ghost Ship'' and ''Film/Thir13enGhosts'' are [[TheVerse in the same universe]]]]universe]]]]
* This theory could actually work, it would actually explain the whole reason the Ship exists. Basically, just because you are marked for hell (like at least several of the 13 of the ghosts are definitly hellbound), doesn't mean you have to sit back and let the Devil take you, Hell has to send out "Salvagers" to lure sinful people to a kind of Soul Trap like the Ship, so they can be forced to go to Hell, but otherwise, they end up like the Black Zodiac ghosts, vengeful, hateful and powerful, they need to be actively gathered, or they just wander around their death spots, laces like the Ship also contain wards like the Glass House, hence why the Ghosts on the Ship can't hurt people (such as the singer ghost having to lure people to elevator shafts), it also serves a second function, to stop oppertunistic assholes from using powerful ghosts to make stuff like the Ocularis Infernum, which Hell doesn't take kindly to, because that is Hells power, and idiotic mortals keep trying to steal what is "the Managements" stuff.

[[WMG: ''Ghost Ship'' and ''Film/Thir13enGhosts'' are [[TheVerse in the same universe]]]].


[[WMG: ''Ghost Ship'' and ''Film/Thir13enGhosts'' are [[TheVerse in the same universe]]]].universe]]]]

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[[WMG: ''Ghost Ship'' and ''Film/Thir13enGhosts'' are [[TheVerse in the same universe]]]].

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