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** Some what confirmed. [[spoiler:The sun came back after what amounted to five minutes]].

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[[WMG: The end of Episode 13 is simply PlayedForLaughs]]
Let's look at some facts:
* The episode was a parody of mystery stories. It would be natural for them to poke fun at a cliffhanger. Why ''else'' would Grug be in a LiteralCliffhanger?
* Eclipses last a total of seven and a half minutes. They'd probably panic about the sun for a few minutes, then see it was back to normal.

[[WMG: The eclipse will lead into [[WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfPussInBoots Blood Wolf's arrival]].]]
If you guys remember, [[spoiler:The Blood Wolf was summoned during an eclipse. It would be cool to have a Dreamworks TV Universe]].

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