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* WMG/DougWalker
** WMG/TheNostalgiaCritic
* WMG/{{Kickassia}}
* WMG/SuburbanKnights
* WMG/ToBoldlyFlee
[[WMG: Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation will join TGWTG]]
will start a three-way rivalry with him, Nostalgia Critic, and AVGN, and it will be awesome.
** It's a Battle of The Hams!!!!!

[[WMG:That Guy With the Glasses, The Nostalgia Critic(s) and Chester A. Bum are all clones...]]
...of Douglas Walker. The status of their clone progenitor is unknown. But in the TGWTG 'verse, perfect human cloning exists (see Linkara's ComicBook/XMen #424 review). This explains why NC, CAB and TGWTG can all be seen in the same conversation and why NC keeps coming back even after being killed several times. Or maybe [[{{Transformers}} Optimus Prime]] just likes dying for him :)
* "The Top 11 [[MindScrew Mindfucks]]" video briefly shows multiple Critics in one shot. All a part of the mindfuckery, or evidence that this WMG is true? YOU DECIDE!
** [[FridgeBrilliance MThey are all real and show up when they can disguise it as a mind fuck. This way secret remains!]]
** Since the TGWTG universe is shared with the AVGN universe, cloning must be possible, as he, too, has cloned himself in both the Nightmare on Elm Street and Oddysey reviews.
*** The 'clones' in the [=NoES=] review existed only in his Krueger-controlled dream. BUT, the Nerd does seem to be a capable MadScientist, what with the [[FrankensteinsMonster FrankenNerd]] and the Nerdy Turd (from the aforementioned Odyssey review).

[[WMG: Everyone on TGWTG will be the biggest thing in Hollywood.]]

Here's what's gonna happen to everyone.
* Doug Walker will pull a James Rolfe and write and star in a NC movie. That'll lead to a Showtime series and possibly him joining the cast of SNL.
* Lewis Lovhaug (Linkara) will create a comic book of his character's adventures and sell it to Marvel.
* Lindsay will direct the NC movie, becoming the female Tim Burton.
* Nella will become the Johnny Depp to Lindsay's Tim Burton.
* CR will work on a DC Comics series.
* WebVideo/MarzGurl and WebVideo/JesuOtaku will host an Attack Of The Show-like show on Funimation's channel.
** Or they'll be in charge of it
* Film Brain and Welshy will host the UK's At The Movies.
* Likewise, WebVideo/ObscurusLupa will host a television show on ABC.
* Mike J will have a long saga of famous films.
* WebVideo/ToddInTheShadows will be a music legend, with his face obscured by a mask and wearing a hoodie when performing.
* Nash will be a news anchor similar to Jon Stewart.

[[WMG: The Nostalgia Critic, That Guy With The Glasses, and Chester A Bum are all the same people.]]
But of different time periods. In the near future,the Critic will review a movie so irredeemably bad it will make the Garbage Pail Kids movie seem ''"decent"'' by comparison. He will [[GoMadFromTheRevelation lose his f*** ing mind]] and become That Guy With The Glasses.Later he'll [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone realise how horrible a person he's become]] and jump off a cliff.When he wakes up his brain will be damaged and with no money becomes Chester A Bum.The Future Nostalgia Critic is when Chester A Bum finally gets his [[CatchPhrase CHANGE!]] and will have enough money to get a therapist.Thus reverting to his old self

[[WMG:Benzaie is a Bizarro-version of [[WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation Yahtzee]].]]
Let's run down the dialectic:
* Yahtzee--Benzaie
* is British--is French
* NiceHat--no hat... most of the time
* gives negative reviews of well known games (mostly)--gives positive reviews of obscure games (mostly)
* makes fun of [[EagleLand Americans]], Brits, non-Brits--makes fun of French people
* video format is still cartoons--video format is live action
* speaks very quickly--LargeHam
* Dislikes Japanese things--loves japanese things.
* [[HaveIMentionedIAmHeterosexualToday talks about how straight]] he is while [[DiggingYourselfDeeper bringing up some]] less then straight qualities--AnythingThatMoves, and proud of it
* Rarely does crossovers--loves crossovers
* Likes [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Spoony's]] [[DeadpanSnarker jokes]]--[[EvenTheGuysWantHim Loves]] Spoony's [[MrFanservice body]].

I am fully endorsing this theory, except for one thing: Is he a natural Bizarro occurrence or is he a Bizarro!Universe version? And if it's the latter, how did he come to our universe?
* With all the cloning, its probably a natural Bizarro occurance

[[WMG:Nostalgia Critic and Nostalgia Chick are secret long lost twins!]]
Just like He-Man and She-Ra! If they ever find out about it, then NC and NG are gonna be ''pissed''.
* ''[[ShipSinking They're]]'' [[ShipSinking gonna be pissed]]?
** They kinda shot down that ship a while back on their spectacular failure of a date...

[[WMG: Melvin, Brother of the Joker, was an [[TheyPlottedAPerfectlyGoodWaste intentional]] [[TheScrappy Scrappy]]]]
Doug made an intentionally bad sketch just so he could trick people into thinking it was the one-year anniversary special and make them think for a moment that they had wasted their money on a lame ''Dark Knight'' parody.

[[WMG: This site will be instrumental in a gigantic crossover battle between every prominent to somewhat-known internet personality on the planet.]]
Consider this: [=TGWTG=].com is affiliated with Team Four Star, the creators of ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged''. And, AsYouKnow, many AbridgedSeries creators participated in an Abridged Series War before this affiliation. So, all it takes is one more Abridged Series war to pop up. The crew of [=TGWTG=] will get involved...then WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd ... and soon there will be an entire domino effect leading to every prominent reviewer, blogger, cartoonist, etc. on the 'Net engaging in an all-out battle.
* [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome That would be awesome!]]
** No, because Tropers are gonna end up in the war. We need to prepare!
*** [[SchrodingersGun If it does happen, then we will be.]]
*** Not to worry, my friend, for we tropers are the keepers of a greater power! One that will push the balance of power in '''our favor!'''
*** Not only that, but we're a WHOLE TEAM of GenreSavvy! We can't lose!
*** [[NothingCanStopUsNow Damn you!]] You've doomed us all!
*** [[BloodKnight Who cares if we all die? It's still gonna be awesome!]]
*** Just remember that we have Kamina and Haruhi on our side.
*** Just one question: When we do enter the war... which side will we choose?
*** Ladies and gentlemen, I propose we form our own faction of Tropers. With our lack of credibility, we can make anything, mind you, anything happen!
*** This troper is game! Blessed are the tropers, for we shall inherit the internet!
*** [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} We are the Imperial Tropers. It is time we start acting like it!]]
* I fully endorse this method. Now we can TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!! * ahem* I ... I'm sorry about that. It won't happen ag--MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

[[WMG: Dr. Insano is...]]
* The Nostalgia Critic: Driven mad by the horrible movies, he fashioned his new identity as a truly MadScientist.
* That Guy: That Guy is already demented, so he chose the persona to test his theories and to harvest babies and explosives for his movie.
* Chester A. Bum: Certain drugs have certain effects on the bum. Some make him beg for change, and others make him smart with the side-effect of insanity.
* Suede: Anyone else find it suspicious that, once Suede left, Insano appeared?
* [[strike:Spoony]] -- no, that would be ridiculous.
** But have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time before?
** Dr. Insano forced Spoony to read that Warrior comic, and they looked nothing alike. So there you go.
*** Ah, but that was in an alternate universe where Spoony was Linkara; everyone knows that, in alternate universes, you switch places with your nemesis.
*** But surely it was a Spoony Experiment. No matter which alternate universes they visited, Spoony was the one perusing the pages and commenting on them. ''And'' Linkara accused Spoony of reviewing a comic behind his back in his Adamantium Rage video.
** Insano showed up alongside Spoony in a part of the ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII'' review. He gave Spoony a Time Compressor.
*** In that same review, Insano tries to have Spoony killed, to which Spoony responds "But.. you're me."
** [[WebVideo/{{Kickassia}} Proven]] but it's not his fault.
* Insano is Spoony Prime: We've seen Insano and Spoony in the same room together, but at one point Spoony said he and Insano are the same person. Well, they are the same person from different universes! Insano!Spoony is the one who reviewed FFVII instead of VIII. He then went on to become Insano, only to have to flee to our universe because his was destroyed by anti-matter.
* Sean Fausz: Went nuts after so many fails, lost a ton of weight, and is currently making [[EverybodyWasKungFuFighting kung-fu fighting]] Helen Keller clones.
* Goggles: Obvious.
** What? He isn't black.
** But he ''is'' a woman.
** Not since Linkara punched reality...
* Sage: Torment him with an OldShame fanfic as Sage, make attempts to kill him as Insano.
** Linkara did finger Sage as Dr. Insano during the ''Adamantium Rage'' review. [[VillainsNeverLie Insano denied it, of course]].
* Angry Joe: A good friend of Linkara, or just waiting to betray him later?
** Didn't we once see Joe punching Insano in the face?
** Linkara has now made it perfectly clear: he ''doesn't'' like Joe. And Joe seemed genuinely hurt when Linkara told him so. Hmmm....
* Little Miss Gamer: BewareTheNiceOnes, Linkara.
* Ed Glaser: In the future,Turkey will be destroyed in a war with Greece,which will lead Ed to insanity,which will lead to him going back in time to try to stop the war,tracing the events back to Linkara.Pissed, he will erase ''Manga/SteamDetectives'' Volume 9 from existence before settling in his normal role.
* Linkara's future self: He becomes Insano after Insano kills Marzgurl in front of Linkara.
** [[BlatantLies That makes PERFECT sense!]]
** No: Linkara becomes Insano after Insano forces him to review One More Day!
* Linkara's [[strike:[[TimeTravelTenseTrouble present]]]] [[strike:[[TimeTravelTenseTrouble past]]]] self during the ''Maximum Clonage'' review: He's seen donning the goggles and proclaiming "I'm the REAL Dr. Insano now!"
* WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd. Unable to defeat The Nostalgia Critic once and for all, he's fashioned a new identity in order to take out Critic's friends and colleagues.
* {{Nineties}} Kid: He likes the Liefeldian art and the GrimDark [[NinetiesAntihero antiheroes]] of the decade he is named after; he's obviously a deranged individual, and that gives him a reason to fight Linkara.
* [[Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei Time-displaced Dr. Victor]]: Dr. Insano does things ForScience. Dr. Victor does that, too. He just dyed his hair brown and changed his outfit.
* [[Anime/TenchiMuyo Ryo-ohki]]: It's especially obvious in Spoony's ''Warrior'' review. In every other universe, she uses her humanoid form from the OVA instead of the cabbit form.
* BEAR! (Well, Bear WAS apparently behind the stuff in the "Previously On" segments.)
* Y Ruler of Time: Having been denied an entry in the Chicago Anniversary Brawl and being overshadowed by the memory of Suede, he successfully used his knowledge of manga to earn a [=PhD=] in mad science before setting his sights on overtaking the legacy of Suede and, in turn, the entire site.
* None of those. There's no backstory and no continuity. [[MemeticMutation There's Only Insano.]]
* One of the Schlumper brothers.
* Dr. Doofenshmitz
* [[MindScrew You!]] Yes, you, [[BreakingTheFourthWall reading this article right now!]]
* [[WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation Especially you, Adrian!]]
* All of the above: Linkara punched reality so many times that he retconned the other times he punched reality, remembering only the most recent incarnation.
* [[Manga/SoulEater Dr. Franken Stein]]: Do I really need to say more?
* [[NegativeContinuity Whomever]] [[RuleOfFunny makes for the best joke at any given time.]]
* Dr. Insano is obviously Mati. Think about it, Linkara pointed out that Mati has psychic powers from his ring, Mati is constantly being abused by everyone on, and its shown that when he snaps, he gains a heightened awareness of his surroundings that makes him Deadpool style insane. What if Mati used his ring to hypnotize everyone who saw him into what they THINK Dr. Insano is supposed to look like, thus explaining why no one can describe what he looks like, and then used his heightened awareness of the universe to break the laws of reality Genius: The Transgression style?
* The future Clone Spoony: Clone Spoony seems to be more volatile than the original. It's obvious that Linkara's method of cloning, combined with the alterations he made, has created a split personality, aka Insano. This temporarily manifests itself as the "madness" talked about in Kickassia, and finally will take him over in the future. At that point Insano will get revenge on the original Spoony not knowing it was the original, and creating a Stable Time Loop
* Familiar Faces has just confirmed Insano's nature.

[[WMG: Dr Insano is the TGWTG equivalent of the Time Trapper]]
In Legion of Three Worlds it was explained that the Time Trapper is a rouge timeline,and because of this has a MultipleChoicePast. Insano follows a similar role; whenever the timeline is altered, a different person(though it usually focuses on Spoony) will inevitably gain the Dr Insano personality. The reason may differ, but the end result is the same. Insano is not a mere person, HE IS A CONSTANT.
* Jossed by Familiar Faces

[[WMG: All the Bums are clones.]]
Chester A. Bum and Lester B. Bum are, of course, clones of Doug and Linkara, respectively. Then we have the Bum versions of Spoony (from his Dirty Harry NES review) and Benzaie (from his Magical Drop 3 review). Why are there so many Bum versions of the reviewers running around? Well, Dr. Insano created them and distributed them in cities everywhere in an attempt to TakeOverTheWorld (Of course!). After all, would ''you'' expect a random dirty homeless guy on the street to be part of an evil world domination (OF COURSE!) scheme? However, the plan failed when all of them discovered drugs.
* It's worse than you think. Even now, they are actively trying to create bum versions of the entire population. Seriously, watch the end of any of their reviews and see if you can spot the cleverly hidden subliminal message telling all of us to '''change'''. As That Guy With The Glasses astutely pointed out, change is upon us.
** Which means there's already a Bum version of Barack Obama running around....
** Wait a second. Bums is another word for ass. Stuff relating to the ass is anal. Alternate character derailed versions of people are sometimes skrulls. The Bums are the ANAL SKRULLS! Warren Ellis was right all along! We're doomed!
* ...oh my god, this is the greatest theory I've ever heard in my life!
** See? It's happening already! Exposure to the Bums is causing us to ''CHANGE!'' '''''YA GOT CHANGE?!'''''
* Confirmed. [[spoiler: Chester's a psychopath who has, so far, blown up Hollywood, Pluto (but nobody cares about that), and Rome.]] Somebody stop him!
** Also, in Spoony's "Clones of Bruce Lee" review, it's implied that his Bum is a clone of him.
** 90's Kid is their secret leader, who works for Dr. Insano. Think about it. What would happen if he would tell to one of the Bums "Duuude! Who needs change? What we needs is more GUNS!"?
** Even MORE evidense! Apparently UltimateUKFFFan releaved he has a bum clone, Nester Teh Otaku!! We must stop this now, or else every internet celeb will have a bum clone!
** The Bums are like the Thing or Pod People: they copy traits of people, and use that to slowly inflitrate society. Their arch-enemies are the Plutonians(since Neutro exists, so do they). That's why Chester blew up Pluto.

[[WMG: The characters are all comic book characters trapped in mortal shells.]]
Who are they? That's up to you.

[[WMG: The TGTWG staff are incarnates of [[ComicBook/TheSandman the Endless]].]]
* The Nostalgia Critic - Dream
* That Dude In The Suede - Destruction
* The Nostalgia Chick - Death
* Benzaie - Desire
* The Spoony One - Despair
* Linkara - Destiny
* Marzgurl - Delirium

Linkara doesn't think any of the Endless fit him.
* Then that means Linkara is Lucien.
* And Bennett the Sage is Destiny.


* Chester A. Bum - Mad Hettie
* Angry Video Game Nerd - Lucifer
* Ma-Ti - Eblis O'Shaughnessy
* The Other Guy - Cain
* Film Brain - Abel
* Little Miss Gamer - Thessaly
* That Chick With The Goggles - Eve
* Mike Michaud - Matthew The Raven

[[WMG: The Main/CatchPhrase for the Nostalgia Chick will become. . .]]
"I'm the Nostalgia Chick and I don't have a catch phrase." [[Main/LogicBomb Logic Bombtastic!]]

[[WMG: The Guy is an abomination from a CosmicHorrorStory]]
He just has that vibe, you Know?.
* He's got more a [[Main/TheFairFolk Fae]] vibe.
** What's the difference?
*** Abominations don't usually notice the puny mortals they squish beneath their foot-equivalents. Fae recognize that you're there, but they're likely to kill you for blinking at them. In other words, the Fae would answer your questions, even in their disturbing alien mentality manner.
* Episode 39 suggests that he's a soulless human.
** It outright said he's a servant of the devil.
*** Yeah, but in that case he might still have a soul.

[[WMG: That Guy is Satan.]]
And the study is Hell. The Nostalgia Critic died on April Fools Day but was brought back by Optimus Prime before That Guy could get around to torturing him.
* [[NightmareFetishist That's]] [[ScrewYourself a]] shame.
* {{Jossed}}. He isn't Satan, he ''works'' for Satan.
** Duh, he's self-employed.
*** If he ''is'' self employed, then he's into self-abuse, and not in the fun way.
*** He has also implied that he and Satan were once lovers. Figure ''that'' out.
* No, that would be the Nostalgia Critic. He criticized Full House. Ergo, he ''must'' be a dark entity incapable of being pierced by the show's rays of family wholesomeness.
* Wait; would that mean That Guy is also... Toys/TeddyRuxpin?! [[Creator/MNightShyamalan What a Twist!]]

[[WMG: [[WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanetAndThePlaneteers Ma-Ti]] is currently involved in a BatmanGambit]]
According to Linkara, Ma-Ti can use the power of heart to read minds, control animals, and cause unconsciousness. So, after getting beat up in the brawl, Ma-Ti decided to use his powers to create a BatmanGambit and bring the reviewers to their knees.

[[WMG: The Guy is the either the future or the past of The Nostalgia Critic]]
If you go with the former version, at some point the Critic goes insane from one too many bad films, dedicates himself to evil and spreading misinformation, and develops a slasher smile. He also comes into money, explaining the posh looking study. He also sold his soul for supernatural powers and omniligualism.

[[WMG: If you go with the latter...]]
He realized the error of his ways and dedicated himself to doing good by telling people about bad films so they can avoid them. He does have some supernatural abilities. He could not live with the remorse, and so he gave himself false memories.

[[WMG: The Nostalgia Chick is another character played by Doug Walker.]]
How else would they keep appearing in the same reviews?
** [[StupidSexyFlanders Stupid Sexy]] [[WholesomeCrossdresser Crossdressing]] Doug...

[[WMG: That Guy is "[[VideoGame/GuiltyGear That Man]]"]]
When Linkara told him to say "'''I AM A MAN!" * ''punch''* ''', he remembered who he was.
* Also, Linkara and the Nostalgia Chick are Raven and I-no.
** Would that mean the Nostalgia Critic is Sol Badguy? And Suede is Slayer? I'd laugh if that meant at least one of them is Justice.

[[WMG: Dr. Insano will TakeOverTheWorld with the aid of Ask That Guy]]
Like any good villain, all he wants to do is take over the world. But as he's an IneffectualSympatheticVillain, he will never succeed unless he bucks up a little. Ask That Guy is pure evil, and so he is the best man for the job. Soon, they will take over every single one of the major states of the world, and Hamster-Jelly will be in stores everywhere. May God have mercy on us all...
* However, after Ask That Guy [[WhyDontYouJustShootHim just shoots]] Linkara, Insano [[AntagonistInMourning goes into mourning]], has a HeelRealization and alters the timeline so that [[StatusQuoIsGod everything goes back to normal]].
** This has happened about five or six times.

[[WMG: Dark Paw will be defeated by Linkara]]
After Paw, Goggles, Angry Joe, and Spoony have used their ultimate attacks, they will run out of MP, then [[BigDamnHeroes Linkara will show up]]. He was quickly blasted by Dark Paw but it turns out that he has still has his [[GodMode Cheat Codes]] on. Linkara will defeat Dark Paw by a single punch while shouting [[AC:[[TestosteronePoisoning I AM A MAN!]]]] While Goggles, Angry Joe, and Spoony celebrate upon the defeat of Dark Paw, Paw will make a FaceHeelTurn, since he believes that [[AC:[[AGodAmI I AM THE GOD!...]]]] and ThereCanBeOnlyOne.
* It will all end revealing that Doctor Insano is [[TheManBehindTheMan all behind this]]
** But it turns out that it was Sage's [[GambitPileup plan all along]] in order to prevent Linkara from getting revenge on him.
** [[AC: Or is it? It was all [[BewareTheNiceOnes Little Miss Gamer's]] evil plan.
*** No. It was Creator/TeamFourStar's evil plan.
*** And Team Four Star's is being manipulated by both [[WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd the Nerd]] and Creator/LittleKuriboh

[[WMG: Linkara deleted the WMG about him being a troper]]
To prevent tropers from suspecting him to be one.
* No, it's hiding in [[WMG/AtopTheFourthWall the last place you'd look]].

[[WMG: Ask That Guy still has a bit of a soul left in him.]]
* It might be a very tiny one but he's still got it. He regularly looks upset when the fact that he's a horrible human being manages to get through to him, he had that PetTheDog moment of stopping the brawl and let's face it, this would have been {{Jossed}} ages ago if it wasn't true.

[[WMG: [[{{Transformers}} Optimus Prime]] is [[EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory Jesus in Purgatory]]]]

[[WMG: The Nostalgia Chick's Michael Bay isn't the real Michael Bay.]]
I know it seems like a stretch, but think about it. The real Michael Bay is 6'2, the Chick's Bay seems a little shorter. Also Bay is 44, and for some reason when he shows up in the Chick's videos he looks more like early 20's. If you've ever heard him talk, his voice is kind of off. All this could just be him having enough money to get plastic surgery and change his voice. It is also weird that whenever she speaks his name he shows up, that means he must be a lesser JustForFun/CandleJack. I think we've figured out his secr
* You know, I think you might be onto something there...
[[WMG: The Distressed Watcher is secretly...AN ATHEIST!!!!]]
It may seem amazing, but my suspicions have been raised.
[[WMG: Lee from ''Still Gaming'' is related to Creator/WendeeLee.]]
He's been trying to contact his long-lost relative through the Wendee Lee Counter.
* Then what was the fourth occurrence that Lee from Still Gaming missed? Seriously.

[[WMG: Lindsay reviewed the animated {{Transformers}} movie at Douglas' request]]
...because he couldn't bring himself to review it from a purely neutral standpoint, and she could, likely not having enjoyed it much in ehr youth. I know ''I'' sure as hell wouldn't be able to look at it unbiased or review fairly; no boy who grew up with Transformers could. Thus, it had to be reviewed by either an African bushman or Lindsay, and she was more convenient.

[[WMG: Angry Joe is in love with Nostalgia Chick or Little Miss Gamer]]
We know he likes hot girls in the glasses, so why not?

[[WMG: Channel Awesome's true nature is that of a Borg-like intelligence whose true goal is nothing less than the assimilation of ''every internet celbrity known to man'']]
Just look at the alarming rate at which they've been taking on new contributors to the website. Do you even ''count'' the number of critics/reviewers on the site now? Adn with Team Four Star's recent full-time employment of Creator/LittleKuriboh, they're clearly beginning to spread to makers of TheAbridgedSeries. It's only a matter of time before other sites like Escapist Magazine or fall to them. If you need any proof, look at [[ this]]. They've become so bold as to assimilate the ''conscious intelligence of the Internet itself''.
* They have broken through to the Website/DesuDesBrigade. May God help us all.
** Not so much anymore, though.

[[WMG:[[YetAnotherChristmasCarol The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come]] impersonated Bennett the Sage]]
It has been noted that Ask That Guy has become more and more depraved and villainous as his series continued. As it is the time of Christmas spirit, it's the time when ghosts scare evil people into obeying societal norms again. And "Bennett" did so quite easily, by presenting Ask That Guy with a harsh reveal of what he is becoming, and the irredeemable monster that will result if his behavior continues. And in fact, that could not have been the true Sage; how could a man of such moral depravity have been so stupified by ''Artemis's Lover''?
** {{Jossed}}, or at least completely [[IgnoredEpiphany ignored]]. And judging by how sexually depraved Episode 45 was (even more so than normal), Ask That Guy probably ended up [[TooKinkyToTorture enjoying what Sage did to him]].

[[WMG: Douchey [=McNitpick=] and Chester A. Bum are brothers.]]

Douchey and Chester have the same wig and the same toque, and both exhibit seriously manic behaviour (albeit for two [[StrawFan different]] [[CrazyHomelessPeople reasons.]]) It can't just be a coincidence on Doug Walker's part, since usually goes out of his way to make each of his characters dress and act uniquely.

[[WMG: Someone is a [[YaoiFangirl Yaoi Fanboy]].]]

Doug, Spoony, or Benzaie, [[{{Squee}} one hopes]]. Bennett, [[{{Squick}} one fears]]. [[spoiler:[[NightmareFetishist Or hopes.]] ''[[PerverseSexualLust Vehemently.]]'']]
* Rob. He's helped with some of the scripts that include the most massively HoYay-rific moments. With the same basis, Lewis.
** The possibility that Doug is a Yaoi Fanboy looks increasingly likely. And with his blowjob jokes, flirting with anyone with a pulse and a certain interview where he was touching himself while talking about Transformers 2 feeling like a robotic penis fucking him hard, he's either very ''very'' secure with his sexuality or a bisexual guy who got engaged to a woman.

[[WMG: That Aussie Guy is]]

[[WMG: Masterpiece Fanfic Theater has already ended.]]
After approaching the treshold of insanity for reading the first few chapters of ''Fanfic/MyImmortal'', Sage escaped offscreen to save himself.
* Alternately, Bennett The Sage either already became insane or died from stupid.
* {{Jossed}}. The new episode just came out. And he looks as sane as ever. Well at least he ''looks'' relatively sane as ever.

[[WMG: Bennett The Sage was able to freak out TGWTG because of insanity]]
See WMG above. Bennett The Sage did become insane shortly after filming the ''Fanfic/MyImmortal'' review, which was prerecorded before his episode on Ask That Guy.

[[WMG: The Angry Movie Dork is not a real person]]
* He's some sort of spy/harasser hired by the WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd to frustrate Doug.
** Or he's hired by and/or is [[StrawFan Douchey McNitpick]].

[[WMG: Female!Insano had his heart broken by Spoony]]
* Before [[CosmicRetcon Dr. Insano was changed from a woman to a man]] by Linkara, he had a crush on Spoony and was rejected due to her nerdiness, causing her to [[LoveMakesYouEvil turn evil]], similar to the origin of Earth-982[[note]]In which Spoony is a [[GenderBender girl][[/note]]] Insano [[spoiler: AKA Wayne Schlumper]] in ''Party Mania''. This was obviously changed in our world when Linkara [[CosmicRetcon punched reality]].
** Technically, Linkara never stated he turned Insano from a woman into a man. He could have been a child, an anthro, a hyper-intelligent gerbil, or a robot.
*** The exact words he used were "and Dr. Insano became a guy". I don't think he would've used that word unless he meant it as an opposite to woman/girl. Furthermore, Earth-982 seems to be a GenderBender universe, so their Insano being a guy supports the theory that ours used to be a woman.
*** Not quite. It's possible that Linkara just thinks Insano was a woman until then. Remember this exchange from the Adamantium Rage review:
->Linkara: You're That Chick With The Goggles.
->Insano: Wha..Bu...I'm not freaking black!
->Linkara: But you are a woman eh?

*** To which Insano answers yes to, not to mention that the AU version of Earth where everyone's genders are swapped, Insano is male.

[[WMG: The book that Ask That Guy reads in the beginning and end of every episode...]]
* Is porn. It's clearly been shown to have pictures, and what other pictures would interest Ask That Guy?
* Contains the answers to all of life's questions.
* Contains every possible way there is to say "hello." It's where he gets his ideas for how to greet the viewer before every episode.
* Is the GreatBigBookOfEverything. He stole it from Stanley after he killed his pets. With onions.
* [[Film/SoylentGreen Is People]]. Because something has to be. [[ImAHumanitarian He's a humanitarian, after all]].
* [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos Is the Necronomicon]].
* Is the evil book from The Care Bears Movie. He discovered it when he was younger, and having no friends or care bears at the time to free him of its spell, allowed it to possess him. This is the reason why he is such a horrible, hateful person. All that time being possessed by so much evil energy can really mess a guy up.
* Is about music of the western world.
* In Episode 8, the book is shown to be a copy of The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. A later episode reveals that it was written in "hydroglyphics".

[[WMG: The ultimate goal of the That Guy with the Glasses team is, you guessed it, to TakeOverTheWorld.]]
[[StreetFighter OF COURSE!]]
* Possibly comfirmed by the Kickassia special. It's certainly on the Nostalgia Critic's mind as an eventual goal.

[[WMG: Michaud, Bhargov and Ellis are a gestalt entity that is slowly absorbing the admins of other websites to get back at Doug for stealing the spotlight in the company's early days.]]
It makes about as much sense as everything else here.

[[WMG: The second Anniversary video shall be a three way battle.]]
It will be a fight between the site's Gamers (Blistered Thumbs), Anime/Comic Book fans (Inked Reality) and Live Action TV/Film Fans (Team TGWTG) it will end with a drunken Rob Walker (Barista) telling them to break it up.
* Either The Spoony One or, if he was present, the Angry Video Game Nerd will lead the Blistered Thumbs, Linkara will lead Inked Reality and the Nostalgia Critic will lead Team That Guy with the Glasses
* {{Jossed}}.

[[WMG: The second Anniversary video will be like Old vs. New.]]
Specifically, everyone who was picked up over the last year or was not there last year will team up against NC and all of his allies. Oh, and they'll be under the command of the AVGN.
* {{Jossed}}.

[[WMG: The second Anniversary video will be a review, albiet a very chaotic one]]
It will start up seeming like a normal Nostalgia Critic review, but then he'll get punched out by [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Linkara]] who will [[HostileShowTakeover continue the review]] , only to be punched out by [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Spoony]], who in turn gets punched out by Angry Joe, than Lord Kat, than the Nostalgia Chick, then the [[WebVideo/TheCinemaSnob Cinema Snob]], then Little Miss Gamer, than Handsom Tom (and 8-bit Mickey), then WebVideo/MarzGurl, ect until it's [[WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanetAndThePlaneteers Ma-ti]] closing out the review. And what will they review? ... [[AssPull Does it really matter?]]
* {{Jossed}}. It's going to be about...well, [[ just look at the trailer!]]
** Well, there's always next year. BI

[[WMG: Nella will graduate to her own series]]
Quite possibly a musical.
* About ponies.
* Alternatively, it could be a colection of humorus things caught on the cameras [[LesYay the chick keeps putting in her room.]]
* Alternatively again, it could be a series of reviews of shows from her childhood that, unlike the Chick and Critic, gushes about the shows and embraces the NostalgiaFilter instead of taking it down.
* Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please....WANT

[[WMG:[[Film/BattlefieldEarth Psychlo]] can repair itself]]
* Explains how [[spoiler:Spoony]]Terl was able to make his cameo appearance in the Critic's ''Film/LostInSpace'' review even after the planet blew up with him on it in the BE review. Note how he finishes his infamous "[[LargeHam While you were still learning]] [[MemeticMutation how to SPELL YOUR NAME!]] line in the LOS review, whereas he didn't in the BE review.
** {{Jossed}} in Spoony's review of ''Film/WingCommander'' (TheMovie) [[spoiler: when Terl revealed the existence of [[IncrediblyLamePun Psy-chlones]] ]]

[[WMG: Handsome Tom is actually a cryogenically preserved twin of Creator/JohnCleese]]
Take a good look at him. He's tall like Cleese, he has more or less the same facial features of John Cleese, and he has a high hairline. Though other than that, though, I have no other information to back it up.

[[WMG: The reason Linkara and the Nostalgia Chick make references to Wiki/TVTropes is...]]
... because they know what a large fanbase they have here, [[{{Fanservice}} and so reward tropers]] who defend them/spread word of their existence by mentioning the glorious Motherwiki every so often. Cynical manipulation of the masses to advance their goals? You Magnificent Bastards, I [[strike: read your book]] watched your videos!!

[[WMG: The next anniversary special is going to be a musical.]]
A lot of the main TGWTG staff have sung lately and/or exhibited singing talents in the past. Doug has sang on several occasions, Lindsay Ellis recently sang (Alongside several others) "You're the One that I Want" in her review of Grease (I'm no expert, but I thought she sounded surprisingly good). Spoony sang a bit in Part 2 of his FFX review, which wasn't bad. Lewis sang most recently in his Anita Blake review, and my fanboy bones shivered. This all seems to be building up to something to me. If not the anniversary special, then some event. If not, it's a missed opportunity.
* Not to mention they now have a [[WebVideo/ToddInTheShadows bona fide pianist with extensive knowledge of music]] in their midst.
* Oh please, oh please dear God ''that would be the most awesome thing ever''! This troper would lick boots for a video about that!
* ...And Insano (or Ask That Guy, or both) could have an absolutely epic VillainSong... ''do want.''
* WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick. Theatre/LesMiserables review. Everyone sang [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic One Day More]]. *faints*
** Not a full review, though. I'd kill for a true musical with a plot.

[[WMG: Lindsey/The [=NChick=] is really busy [=IRL=] so...]]
First off: the [=NChick=] is working on something for college (her thesis? * is not in college, so is clueless* ). So her ''Film/{{Grease}}'' review is leading up to something AWESOME.

Nella is going to take over the show.

We've seen (possible) build-up with Nella becoming increasingly angry at the [=NChick=] due to the hidden cameras, and the makeover fairy. So, Nella is going to attack the [=NChick=], and take over the show for a while, and give the [=NChick=] time to finish up her college stuff.
** This would probably come with some demented in-show explanation, such as Nella imprisoning the Chick in her basement, until one of the other characters rescues her.
** And she'll be helped by the {{Sexbot}}. Which makes sense, seeing as there was another [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall mistreated robot who turned on his master earlier]]...

[[WMG: Phelous, like [[Webcomic/BobAndGeorge Ran]], has a machine that makes a clone of him everytime he dies.]]
In some of the intros of Phelous's newest videos, soon after the Phelous from the previous review dies, the Phelous from the current review pops in. In fact, in the Dot Com For Murder review, [[spoiler: as soon as Phelous from that review dies, the Phelous of the next review comes in.]]

[[WMG: Chester A Bum is really [[Film/TheRoom Tommy Wiseau.]] ]]
Think about it.
* As you can see in the Tommy Wisheau, they obviously have the exact same hair (and by that I don't mean the same hairstyle).

[[WMG: The seahorses are responsible for the disappearance of Film/TheRoom reviews]]

Yes, the Nostalgia Critic exposed the seahorses' intentions to TakeOverTheWorld, so naturally the seahorses had to make the video disappear. The disappearance of Obscurus Lupa's review is just the seahorses covering their tracks, and making sure everyone will blame server problems, overzealous lawyers, or other problems. But
we're on to you, seahorses! Thanks to the StreisandEffect, lots of people are going to see that video anyway. Your diabolical schemes will never come to fruition!
* I for one [[TheSimpsons welcome our new seahorse overlords]]...
** A [[LesCollaborateurs collaborator!]] The future can and must be changed, no matter the cost. To the penguin[[note]]one of the seahorses' natural predators[[/note]] pits with you!
* Actually, while the Critic's review was (officially) removed from the Web all-together, Lupa's is still up, just not on TGWTG. If you check her Blip account, you can still find it there as of 20100830.

[[WMG: The Third Anniversary Special will have the Contributors fight the Seahorses.]]

Future NC had Past NC review the room as a distraction to the seahorses so that he could finish a superweapon in order to fight them (this parts a red herring). Past NC now has knowledge of the Seahorses and will fight them back with the rest of the contributors in the Third Anniversary Special. Because they enver take over the future, Future NC never has to build the superweapon, and Past NC never goes to the future to review The Room, and instead reviews his college movie.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: The Third Anniversary Special will be VillainTeamUp]]
Lord Vyce will unite That Guy, Doctor Insano, John from, Seahorses and every other enemy site contributurs has, unider his command, creating LegionOfDoom.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: The Third Anniversary Special will be a straight-played psychological thriller]]
The strength of writing and direction has improved every year, and besides: take one look at Doug Walker's face during the "Nasty-Wasties" speech in WebVideo/{{Kickassia}} and ''tell'' me that wouldn't be awesome.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: The Third Anniversary will be a murder mystery]]
Doug actually said that Lindsay had suggested this when they were on [[ Wha-Chow]] back in May. Combine this with the WMG two above and we could get something ''very'' hardcore.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: The Third Anniversary will be about the return of That Dude in the Suede]]
Well, both things are definitely going to be epic. Making them the same thing (a rescue mission to get Suede back to the site?) would be awesome, no doubt.
* Wait - does that mean it will be shot in New Zealand?! {{Squee}}!
** [[spoiler:Possibly, and unfortunately, {{Jossed}}, according to his Twitter.]]
--> ''[[spoiler: Because of upcoming nuptials, I won't do vids until late may. So those who say I'll be at the anniversary... marriage takes priority. Sorry.]]''
** [[spoiler:Not about it, but he did return during Part 5. Conditionally Confirmed.]]

[[WMG: The Third Anniversary will be a CrisisCrossover where the Channel Awesome Cast (and possibly The Nerd and Yahtzee) team up against a new villain]]
And that villain will be... The Copyright Nazi!!! [[spoiler: AKA John from the]]
* And the recent avalanche of Crossovers are actually the build-up for it!
* Jossed.

[[WMG: The Third Anniversary will confirm ALL the [=WMGs=] about the Third Anniversary.]]
It'll start out with the Critic beginning a review, when suddenly, he gets a call on his cell phone. The rest of Channel Awesome is planning a mission to rescue Suede from the TGWTG LegionOfDoom! However, the story soon takes a darker turn into psychological thriller territory when the gang becomes trapped in the base and [[Literature/AndThenThereWereNone are picked off one by one, in increasingly creative ways]], with the killer turning out to be...[[spoiler:Suede, who had gone insane during his inprisonment]]! Oh, and it'll be a musical somehow.
* Well if you want to incorporate all of the [=WMGs=] then [[spoiler: the villian would have to John. Or Seahorses. Or maybe John ''is'' a seahorse!]]
** [[spoiler:But John/Copyright Nazi]] would already be part of the TGWTG LegionOfDoom. We can't have the villain be ''that'' obvious.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: There will be a Black Lantern Insano in the Third Anniversary Video.]]
It will be the Future Black Lantern Spoony who serves as the Dragon of the searhorses when they reach this time period.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: The Third Anniversary Special will be an UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny]]
It will be an MêléeÀTrois between Linkara, [[WebVideo/TheAngryJoeShow Angry Joe]] and 3D-Lee, because the Villain wants to know who is TGWTG's strongest fighter.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: Doug's main characters are parts of his psyche.]]
After being hit by some sort of beam, his mind split into three parts. His ego became the Nostalgia Critic. His id became That Guy. His superego was initially a superhero type character, but That Guy caught him and tortured him until he went insane and became Chester A. Bum. That Guy then locked Nostalgia Critic in the Hall of Memories in Doug Walker's mind, forcing him to look over everything Doug Walker ever experienced as a child. With total control of Doug Walker's mind, That Guy now controls Doug Walker's body, making him a dangerously insane criminal. Dr. Noah "Insano" Antwiler will invent a beam that allows other TGWTGers to go inside Doug Walker's mind and restore its order. Unfortunately it will fail, leading to Doug Walker going more insane and suffering brain death, and leading to the death of several TGWTGers such as Nostalgia Chick, with tragic scenes and dramatic music. This will be a feature length movie and will be the site finale, enacted when gets bored and decides to move on in their lives.
* Alternatively, That Guy is the superego, do to his refined sense of sophistication, and the Bum is the id. Note how Chester is also apparently responsible for various atrocities, all of which he's perfectly willing to admit to. All three are evil, the only difference is how they go about it. That Guy is amicable and refined, as befits the superego. The Critic has the most ambition of the group, as evidenced by his goal to take over the world (OF COURSE!), making him the obvious ego. The Bum is completely indiscriminate in taste, abuses drugs, and barely thinks about his past misdeeds beyond a quick acknowledgement that they occurred once.

[[WMG: There will be an epic review of Film/TheLastAirbender.]]
Because Doug never watched the show, he'll force a group of other reviewers from the site to review the film, like they did with ''Film/DragonballEvolution''.
* But [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender the cartoon it was based of]] was made beyond the review dates of the Nostalgic critic reviews, so it makes no sense that he'll be behind it.
* Alternatively, Chester A. Bum will be the one to force a group of other reviewers to review the film.
* [[spoiler: Conditionally Confirmed. The movie was reviewed[[note]] by Y Ruler Of Time, [=RolloT=], [=JesuOtaku=] and Todd In The Shadows[[/note]], but Creator/JewWario was responsible, as he put the DVD into Y's luggage.]]

[[WMG: The mysterious voice in Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre is...]]
Linkara.He decided to take revenge on being tied up and his OldShame revealed to the world.But he's not doing a good job.

[[WMG: The seahorses will become the Nostalgia Critic's nemesis.]]
If Linkara has a villain, Spoony has a villain and even Bennet the Sage has a villain, you can bet on it that the seahorses will become his new nemesis.

[[WMG: Black Lantern Spoony isn't just targeting Spoony Beta.]]
He's a [[ComicBook/BlackestNight Black Lantern]], and thus the resurrected are major targets. Phelous and the Nostalgia Critic will have to ally, or...Doug Walker of Earth, Rise.

[[WMG: WebVideo/EightiesDan]] was {{Ret Gone}}d by the Nostalgia Critic jumping around through time in ''the Room'' review.]]
He was real, dammit! ;_;
* Jossed: He shows up in Brad Tries

[[WMG: Douchey [=McNitpick=] is responsible for the Critic coming back to life.]]
Douchey has focused his entire life on trolling and ranting the Nostalgia Critic. Everytime the Critic is killed or kills himself,Douchey takes his body and uses ThePowerOfLove-O-Matic [[MemeticMutation 9001]] to get him good as new

[[WMG: The Paw in Kickassia was really the Dark Paw.]]
Seeing as Paw, Spoony, Angry Joe and Goggles were trapped in Paw's mind until now. Their characters in Kickassia had to be their evil alteregos (Dark Paw, Insano, Bizzaro!Joe) but because Goggles doesn't have an alterego, she couldn't be in Kickassia at all.

[[WMG: Channel Awesome will grow to dominate the Internet.]]
Channel Awesome and JUST KEEP GROWING. They picked up Team Four Star, are affiliated with the AVGN, and have CONQUERED A FREAKING COUNTRY (temporarily). The foreseeable future involves all entertainment on the net being assimilated. thus, in 20 years, every tropes page will be forced to rename the "Web Original" folder, the "Channel Awesome" folder.

[[WMG: The Third Anniversary will be a fight against [[Comicbook/GreenLantern various lanterns]].]]
We've seen Black Lantern Spoony, who also gave a ring to Tidus. Chuckles has a yellow fear ring, too. Considering the amount of green in his spaceship, Lord Vyce is probably a green lantern. The makeover fairy could have an Indigo ring (she tries to help people by making them over), and Professor Celluloid an Orange ring (tries to steal BMB from Film Brain). Obviously Angry Joe would have a red one, which mean he'd pull a FaceHeelTurn. Not sure about the other colors, though.
* I seriously doubt Lord Vyce would be a Green Lantern. [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Linkara]], though? Maybe. I also think Either Master Bate or Spoony might be avatars for the Predator entity.
** Spooning With Spoony, definitely.
* I can even see the plot: The Gatekeeper manipulates a bunch of lantern rings to attack the TTGWTG crew, or just causes general chaos by giving them rings. The various wearers include
** The Red ring will go to Angry Joe, for obvious reasons.
** The Orange ring will go to the Nostalgia Critic, considering his takeover of Molossia and not wanting to be upstaged. On the CA-verse villains, expect someone hammy like Dr Smith to wear it (and he gets his constructs of SPIDERS!)
** The Sinestro ring will search for Bennet The Sage and Ask That Guy. Because the latter is Nightmare Fuel,and the former frightened the latter. I can see the two fighting over it
** Linkara will get the Green ring because he's fought the most villains of them all
** Ma-Ti will get a Star Sapphire ring because of RuleOfFunny, and [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway he'll have a chance to defy the trope he set up.]]
** Phelous will get a black ring, seeing as how DeathIsCheap
** Who would get indigo, and who would get white?
*** Obviously, Santa Christ will get White
** What about blue? Also, I don't think the Makeover Fairy would get indigo.
*** Indigo (compassion) would go to the sweetest and most caring. The only people who seem to fit that are [=JesuOtaku=] and Roses. Blue (Hope) would go to the most optimistic. While they all seem fairly cynical, Blue could go to Paw or Linkara (if that happened, Green could go to Spoony since he has just as big a RoguesGallery and is the main ring hander-offer).
* Jossed, the third anniversary is a quest. Oh well, there's always next year...

[[WMG: The upcoming [[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick NostalgiaChick]] storyline will involve an EvilTwin.]]
She'll be doing Film/TheManInTheIronMask, a movie that has an EvilTwin locking up his good brother and taking his power. Nella's class on how to spot evil seems to suggest that it would be quite hard to see and we know how regular Chick likes her ComedicSociopathy. Thirdly, nearly everyone on Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses has played a different character at least once, and it'd be awesome if Lindsay did.

[[WMG: The Third Anniversary will have something happen to Welshy.]]
Possibly his death. This will be responded to by a scream of [[{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}} WELSHY!]], possibly by Linkara, or whoever it is his closest to on TGWTG.
* Jossed.
[[WMG: Big Lipped Alligator Moments are lethal.]]
Though only when you are a part of one. WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic is fine and Lindsay is able to control it. However, as for That Aussie Guy and Liittle Miss Gamer, they have vanished from the site. Gamer knew she was dying so she retired to have a few weeks to herself. But sadly, That Aussie Guy died. Doug and Lindsay are fine because, with Lindsay in it, she subconsciously made it so it would not cause the virus. It just gave Doug multiple personality disorder (ever wonder why Doug creates so many new shows?) However, by striking Gamer and Aussie, it still caused the virus. And yes, it is a virus. It gets into your system and preys on the part of your brain that controls your logic and takes away your sanity until you die in a very ramdom manner.

[[WMG: The futures of the rest of Channel Awesome and anyone else affiliated without the Nostalgia Critic]]
As we find out in ''[[ItsAWonderfulPlot You're a Rotten Dirty Bastard]]'', without the Nostalgia Critic, Cinema Snob is a world famous porn star, Linkara owns Marvel and DC, the Nostalgia Chick is a major director who will re-write ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'', Angry Joe is the president of the United States, Spoony is the Nostalgia Critic except without a hatedom, and even his guardian angel, Roger, ends up as God's right-hand man. What happens to everyone else?
* [[WebVideo/{{Kickassia}} Kevin Baugh]] conquerors Mexico and much of Central America. Molossia and America will become friendly rivals as he and Angry Joe compete for the world.
* Instead of Heart, [[WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanetAndThePlaneteers Ma-Ti]] will be given a new planeteer ring and with it a new power: the power of FrickinLaserBeams.
** In this world,he's still a ButtMonkey. Some things remain constan
* The would-be Game Heroes created a gaming company that rivals the big three. They emplopy Paw and Pushing Up Roses, who are very well known for writing music for their video games.
* Phelous became a scientist, mass producing cloning technology, living after Canada was destroyed via this. The Phelous mentioned in the video was a clone.
* Luke was cloned multiple times after the destruction of Canada and now everyone of his personalites created as a clone. They all live in his old mansion, having been a high profile actor before his death. Ralph however was shot during the cloning process for obvious reasons.
* CR works on a DC Comics series.
* WebVideo/MarzGurl and WebVideo/JesuOtaku host an Attack Of The Show-lite show on Funimation's channel.
** Or they're in charge of it
* Film Brain and Welshy host the UK's At The Movies.
* Likewise, Obscurus Lupa hosts a television show on ABC.
* Mike J has a long saga of famous films.
* WebVideo/ToddInTheShadows is music legend, with his face obscured by a mask and wearing a hoodie when performing.
** No, he becomes the third member of Music/DaftPunk.
* Nash is a news anchor similar to Jon Stewart.
* The only one who's future wouldn't be affected would be Suede's, since he's, well... STILL ON HIATUS.
** Well no, since if Critic didn't exist then Suede never would have been picked up by the site. Most likely he became a full time priest or what-have-you.
*** He becomes the Pope. Of all the religions.
* WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd is CEO of Nintendo. WebVideo/TheIrateGamer is this world's AVGN, an just as popular

[[WMG: Everyone's lives in ''[[ItsAWonderfulPlot You're a Rotten Dirty Bastard]]'' really were ruined by not meeting the Critic, or their actions would lead to eventual life-ruining.]]
* As a porn star, Cinema Snob never would have been able to have a serious relationship, so he would never meet his wife, and would probably die lonely.
* Linkara is obviously suffering from the stress of owning two comic companies, with his declaration that it's awesome simply him trying to convince himself otherwise. If anything goes wrong then he knows it will be his fault, he has to find ways to tie the continuity of two very different universes together, and he would never meet Iron Liz.
** Not to mention that without him there will be nothing to stop Lord Vyce and/or the Entity from enslaving our diemenson.
* The Nostalgia Chick's marriage is very idealistic, but we've seen that she's a slight sociopath and needs a relationship that's somewhat vitriolic, like the ones she has with The Critic and Nella. She and Nella both give a bit of a SuspiciouslySpecificDenial about how awesome and respectful their relationship is, inferring that they're seeing each other. The husband also doesn't seem that pleased when Chick leaves, making it look like he knows they're together.
** And when the girls exit in the bloopers and the child starts bawling again, he bursts into tears and yells at it to shut up. ''Huge'' StepfordSmiler vibe.
* Angry Joe might be enjoying his role as President, but destroying Canada would bring him the wrath of Canadians who were out of the coutnry, people who had family there, and any country which had major trade relations with the country (including, of course, the US). Since Phelous can't die, and Luke lives there, they would probably lead a revolution against Joe that ends in his death.
* Spoony isn't actually the new Critic, it's really [[SplitPersonalityTakeOver Insano]]. You can tell by the way he laughs at the end - that's definately Insano's laugh. As for Douchey, he is either on Insano's payroll and just says those things to get money, or is only a fan because they're both insane and evil.
* Roger would eventually get impatient after God made his comment that the former would get the job if the latter ever retired. eventually Roger would pull a Lucifer and end up gettign kicked out of Heaven, but of course he couldn't take over Hell because there already ''is'' a Lucifer, and would be subject to an eternity of divine torture.
** Also Roger being willing to ''kill the critic'' to get power and influence would have Fallen him more or less immediately after defeating the Critic.
* Wow, if only Critic had thought about this.
* Or rather, following the destruction of Canada every nation on the planet will be terrified of Angry Joe, leading him to become the planet's dictator. The reason the planet was about to obtain world peace is because the nations aren't going to mess with someone like [[TheCaligula Angry]] [[PresidentEvil Joe.]]
** Alternatively, he ran for President and lost in an epic landslide thanks to showing no signs of good leadership or general competance in a high position of power. So scarred by the humiliation, he resdesigned his bedroom into the shape of the oval office, and now spends his days pretending to be president and nuking everyone for not voting for him.
* Not to mention what'll happen to all the other reviewers. With the managment of Heavean growing complacent Buggs Bunny/Woody Woodpecker will escape from Hell to have revenge on the Angry Video Game Nerd. Without the battles with the Critc to hone his skills, the Nerd will be beaten and killed.
* Since he won't travel to the future the world will recieve no warning about the seahorses, allowing them to take over unopposed.
* There are multiple evils in this world. [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall The Entity]], the evil Jew Wario faces (can't name it off of the top of my head), and others. [[FridgeHorror Who is going to fight them?]]
* Ask That Guy has to put on a nice, polite facade and rely on tips to get hookers. You don't even to have twist his segment much to know that's probably killing him.
* As we know Critic is the only one to offer him shelter, money and a job, Chester very likely died a while ago.

[[WMG: It was all an illusion.]]
Douchey Mt Nitpick teamed up with the Psychlos and Will Smith so he could pester the Nostalgia Critic. So he got spiders with hallucination abilities to fake the whole thing. He hoped this would culminate in the Nostalgia Critic becoming more of a douche, and getting everyone to hate him. [[ForTheEvulz Or just for shits and giggles.]] Considering how impossibly altered the timeline is, its safe to assume this is the case

[[WMG: Dr. Insano will run for re-election against Angry Joe in the 2012 election.]]
And it will be the most epic cross over since Kickassia!

[[WMG: The battle between the WMG/FriendsAndTheHighCouncil stretches even into this website.]]

Sage really is the Devil (as shown in WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic [[ review of]] ''WesternAnimation/CareBearsMovieIIANewGeneration''), but his memory of this was erased for a while (he remembered again at the end of the review). He was created by Chernabog and Mephisto to be the Friends' principal agent on the site and is the [[ManBehindTheMan man behind]] [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Lord Vyce]] and [[WebVideo/AskThatGuyWithTheGlasses The Guy with the Glasses]] ([[EvenEvilHasStandards though the Guy wouldn't work the Devil if he knew he was Sage]]).

Santa Christ, on the other hand, is the High Council's principal agent on the site. Linkara secretly works for him (which is why Sage keeps having Lord Vyce try to kill him either directly or by sending Insano, Linksano, and MechaLinkara after him). Many of the other reviewers are unalinged, but side characters appearing on their shows try to sway them to one side or the other (for example, Santa Christ sent Nella in the hope that her innocence could prevent WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick from slipping over to the Friends' side due to the latter's sociopathy, though unfortunately [[spoiler:a quasi-demonic, intergalactic agent of the Friends has since [[DemonicPossession posessed Nella]]]]).

The Critic was briefly swayed to the Friends' side for Kickassia, but became neutral again after that. Someday, a big battle between the armies of Santa Christ and Devil Sage will determine weather the site in general will become a headquarters for the High Council, allowing the forces of good to communicate and pool their resources, or a soul-gathering operation for the Friends.

Times when characters on the site review something else that's part of the battle may be part of either side's plan (for example, WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic's top eleven Disney villains countdown was created on Santa Christ's suggestion so as to warn High Council agents in other worlds who some of their most dangerous enemies are, and the Friends tried to prevent it from uploading by wrecking the Critic's computer).

* I don't think that the Friends are behind Lord Vyce. Rather, I think both sides are wary of Lord Vyce, considering [[MultiversalConqueror he's feared throughout the entire multiverse.]] This is the reason why almost everyone on the site is on a morally neutral level. Lord Vyce likely knows about Chernabog, and [[spoiler: because he's a WellIntentionedExtremist]], isn't willing to compromise. While the Friends are unable to directly interfere, they are able to plant agents. Now that [[spoiler:Lord Vyce is disposed]], both sides are making their move. This is why [[spoiler: Suburban Knights had a Complete Monster for a villain.]] [[EldritchAbomination The Entity]] [[OmnicidalManiac will probably try to destroy both sides.]]
* Also, notice how sometimes Sage seems more casual, even showing standards(just watch his anime reviews.) Devil Sage is actually regular Sage's SuperpoweredEvilSide created by the Friends. That, or Sage is just evil on his own for lulz.

[[WMG: The Third Year Anniversary will have a Romantic Sub-plot between WebVideo/ObscurusLupa and WebVideo/ToddInTheShadows]]
They're really pushing the fact that Todd's crushing on Obscurus Lupa, and after his Top 10 Hit Songs of 2010 it would make most of the fans Squee with delight.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: The Third Year Anniversary will have to do with the [[Creator/ApolloZHack Reviewiverse]] somehow]]

[[WMG: Lord Kat is not the proper way to say the name]]
The real way of saying it is Lor D. Kat, which explains how he can manage to play the toughest games Until We Win.

[[WMG: Phelous is The Master.]]
It explains how [[JokerImmunity he keeps coming back.]]Following ''The End of Time'' the Master' memory was wiped, and ended up stranded in Canada.

[[WMG: Chester A. Bum will review ''Film/HoboWithAShotgun''.]]

[[WMG: The Third Year Anniversary will have Tommy Wiseau guest star]].
Who thought that [[WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd AVGN]] would guest star in the first Anniversary? And then WebVideo/{{Kickassia}} in the second? Plus it would show a case of burying the hatchet between the two.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: The people we didnt see in chrismas special had worse lives than in the main TGWTG verse]]
Not sure how there lives turned out but would explain why some popular reviewer's (Nash WebVideo/ToddInTheShadows)weren't shown.
* If they focused on ''every'' popular reviewer, the special would be two hours long. They focused on the main ones. The ones that get top billing during anniversaries, and such.

[[WMG: The villan in the third aniversery will be BackStreet]]
* Wow, this is getting exciting! They're already bringing back some of Chick's friends, Orlando, there's rumors of Suede still going around, and now BackStreet's back? All right!

[[WMG: The third year anniversary (Suburban Knights) is actually a quest to find a way to defeat [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall The Entity]].]]
Because it would be pretty freaking epic, and what's better than a mass crosssover of all these people to find a way to stop this horrific EldritchAbomination?
* Then they failed as the whole thing takes place between Ultimate Warrior's Workout and Ultimatum #1-2.

[[WMG: The third anniversary will be a parody of {{RPG}}s.]]
It will make fun of RPG clichés like leveling up and character class.

[[WMG: [[WebVideo/BrowsHeldHigh Oancitizen]] is the illegitimate son of [[WebVideo/AskThatGuyWithTheGlasses Ask That Guy]].]]
He shares the same cultured demeanor and ability to lose himself in a book, but resents his parent's depravity and tries to compensate by enveloping himself in the refined aspects. Also, he brings his love of cinematography and vocal performance to the fore, which you can kinda tell Ask That Guy actually has, though he constantly conceals it.
** Who is his mother?
*** One of Ask That Guy's fangirls.

[[WMG: Orlando's character in Suburban Knights is still Roger]]
But now cast down from Heaven after ''You're a Dirty Rotten Bastard'' and is seeking revenge on the Critic and possibly the other reviewers. Either that or after being killed and sent to Hell, he became Satan's buddy.
** Possibly {{Jossed}}: in part 5, it was revealed that Orlando's character was actually [[spoiler:Malachite, an ancient mage]].

[[WMG: Audiable Underwear will be picked up.]]
I have a system of explaining why. Notice who was in Obscurus Lupa's review of Hard To Kill and Oancitizen's of Gerry. First we have Diamanda Hagan, who is the latest member. Then we have Derek of Audiable Underwear. Then there is Apollo Z Hack, who was on the site for a while. Nash has been a long time member. And Brows Held High's Gerry review can be seen as a continuation of this "Hating on Gerry" craze. Both Oan and Lupa have been picked up.
** Not likely. Audible Underwear has since retired his series.

[[WMG: Ma-ti is a [[Comicbook/GreenLantern Star Sapphire]]]]
Think about it, his power is to be able to affect heart of others, and what do the Star Sapphires do? They affect the hearts of others. Just for some reason, he doesn't wear pink.

[[WMG: [[DeathIsCheap Character immortality]] is purely based off RuleOfFunny.]]
Essentially, in the Channel Awesome universe, you can't die if it's for comedy. This is why [[DrivenToSuicide the Nostalgia Critic can't kill himself]]-it's done for comedic and (in real life) ludicrous reasons (he commited suicide because ''[[SuckinessIsPainful of a bad movie.]]'' Since dying is a gag of Phelous, he's probably become so used to it that nothing short of AuthorExistenceFailure can [[DeaderThanDead end his life.]] The only time that someone can completly is if it's done for plot, or in a serious tone. For example, Spoony died because the plot dictated Insano to do it. Plus, it wasn't motivated by comedy or gags. Similarly, [[spoiler:the death of Ma-Ti]] was a HeroicSacrifice, which is why he didn't come back. It's also why Mechakara was convinced destroying Linkara via DrivenBySuicide would work-it was done not for lulz, but nightmare fuel.

[[WMG: [[TheAmazingAthiest The Distressed Watcher]] does not exist in the Channel Awesome universe.]]
There hasn't been a single reference or iota of his existence with the other reviewers, at least in-universe. He [[TheScrappy does not fit in said universe.]] Everything about him screams "anomaly." In the CA-verse, there is no Distressed Watcher, or even Terroja. And if there is, [[HumanoidAbomination something is wrong.]]
* Personally, I think it would have been a funny gag if Santa Christ died in Kickassia because he did ''not'' believe in him.
* He did ''WebVideo/{{Benzaie}} vs. The Distressed Watcher'' and The Nostalgia Critic mentioned him in a video.
** Really? Was Benzaie and the Nostalgia Critic in-character? If they were not, then it doesn't count.
** Yes, they were in charcter, it doesen't help that [[ Benzaie vs. The Distressed Watcher]] is hidden on the site and I can't remenber which NC video he mentioned TJ.
*** Still doesn't joss this. There may be portals connecting RealLife and Channel Awesome. Perhaps it's the beginning of the Entity's TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou tricks?

[[WMG: The Bjork Show episode 3 (4 if you count True Internet Story Episode 2).]]
If you notice, Rob is sneaking into the shows subtle refernces to ''The Bjork Show'' that only old-school TGWTG fans get. The makeup that Doug uses as Dr. Smith is the same kind of pain-in-the-ass-to-take-of that Rob used in episode 2. Him making WebVideo/{{Benzaie}} come to the year 3 shoot dressed up as Edward Norton from episode 1 and the True Internet Story commentaries.

[[WMG: The Fourth Year Anniversary will involve all of the characters as Franchise/{{Batman}} villains.]]
For proof, [[]].
*Jossed: Doug has revealed that the 4th Year Anniversary is Sci-Fi Based.

[[WMG: Ed Glaser is a KavorkaMan.]]
[[ This photo]] explains it all.

[[WMG: The Fourth Aniversary will feature Ash Housewarez from the Evil Dead series]]
Because they obviously are going to resurrect Mati with the Necronomicon they need the best person in the world who can help them in such regard so they get money incentive to hire the old Ash to help this misfits to face the true horrors (and will be ALSO a case of Real Life Writes The Plot because they will need to collect money to pay Bruce Campbel for this anniversary)

[[WMG: Ask That Guy is actually Muammar Gaddafi in disguise]]
Well, why else would the Libyans be after him?
* Because, if Future Critic is to be considered, they mistook him for [[Franchise/BackToTheFuture Doc Brown.]] He ''still'' hasn't completed that bomb of theirs.

[[WMG: The Aristocrats Joke is Ask That Guy's favorite joke.]]

[[WMG: Sage is the Devil Devil.]]
Remember the Critic's Alaska reviews, where he mentioned a "Devil Devil?" There actually is a Devil Devil, the kind Satan goes when he needs help in being evil. We know Satan isn't pure evil because [[EvenEvilHasStandards he was disturbed by That Guy.]] Sage is in fact the Devil Devil, who teaches the Devil how to be bad.

[[WMG: People attending Year Four]]
Specualtion on who will show up. First the obvious
* Doug Walker, Lindsay Ellis, Brad Jones: No shit
* Linkara: He has to play [[spoiler:Mechakara]] after all. Even if he didn't, he'd be in the No Shit box above
* Spoony: Likewise, he'd be [[spoiler:Insano]] if the plot involves [[spoiler:TGWTG villains.]] Same story as Linkara
* Angry Joe, Bennet The Sage, WebVideo/MarzGurl, Benzaie, Paw Dugan and The Game Heroes: Been there the last three
* Creator/JewWario, Phelous, and Film Brain: Been there the last two
* Obscurus Lupa: A major player on TGWTG, one of the three go to cameos (the other two being Linkara and Oancitizen), and was there last year
* Todd In The Shadows: There last year, also a big player in crossovers and the like, and the Linkara Theorem (niche subject matter/popularity) is in play.
* * Suede: He was there last year, was the first to join the site and to catch up since his mission.
* Luke Mochrie: Doug seems to have a fondness for his show.

And the possible new people. These are who I think are the most likely candidates and who I think will end up going.

* Oancitizen: Very quickly rose to fame on TGWTG, cameoing EVERYWHERE, and uses the Linkara Theorem.
* Maven Of The Eventide/Elisa: A member of Team [=NChick=] as well as a roommate of Lindsay. However theres the possibility of thsi being overlooked.
** She also was there last year, although it was more of a cameo.
* Blockbuster Buster: Quite popular on TGWTG and Doug seems to have a fondness for his show, since he was there when it was announced it got picked up.
* Hagan: As the villain. However, living in Ireland may put a stretch on the budget.
* Nash and WebVideo/JesuOtaku: A pair of reviewers I'm shocked weren't there last year. Nash would be interesting just to see his over the top anger and JO would play the straight man.
* CR: Had to turn it down last year due to family issues

I think it will end up being CR, Nash, JO, Oancitizen, and Blockbuster Buster
* It should be pointed out that some of the people present at the shooting of Y3 were there on their own money, so it's possible that some of these people could travel there on their own and not impact the budget as much.
* The Blockbuster Buster stated on Youtube that he is not in Year 4.
* Benzaie has stated that Sad Panda will be the Frenchman this year, so he's out.
* Nash was not brought out, Oancitizen is in.
** Nash's non-appearance in Year 4 (and for that matter, Year 3) likely has to do with his Real Life father's ill health over the past few years (and to a lesser extent, his radio show).
* WebVideo/JesuOtaku is confirmed in WebVideo/{{Sad Panda|QAndA}}'s Forget About It: Top 10 TGWTG Reviewers
* CR is in as he's done a video with Creator/BradJones.

[[WMG: Rants from the TGWTG Secrets blog will start his own video series.]]
He's already become fairly popular in the fandom through the blog, and it seems like the next logical step.
* He will talk about the more insane secrets then call in whoever's involved in the secret to confirm or deny!
* And every time Spoony is involved, there will be Squeeing abound.

[[WMG: The 4th year will feature a BigDamnHeroes moment from several reviewers who aren't on the site]]
The stinger at the end of ''SK'' hinted at a villain team-up. It's very likely that any villains involved will know nearly all of the heroes' strengths and weaknesses, and therefore be able to easily out match them. That's when everybody will call there friends from off-site to help, since the villains know nothing about them (mostly).

Now the real Epilepsy of this guess kicks in with my IRL evidence: Doug said in an interview that the site is basically full after picking up Block Buster Buster and Diamanda. However, there are many days where the amount of videos added is only about half the total possible number. My guess is that they've contacted several prolific reviewers with small connections to the site (WebVideo/TheFIlmRenegado, Creator/CinWicked, [[WebVideo/TheBunnyPerspective PhilBunny]], Blockbuster Chick and {{Creator/Demoversi}} would be my top guesses) to have them make appearances at the anniversary, and they'll officially be added to the site once the event is complete.

And with the official Year 4 photo having been released, the cast is confirmed:
Lindsay and Team N. Chick (Nella & Elisa, who may/or may not be playing as Maven
WebVideo/MarzGurl (as [[Franchise/GhostInTheShell Motoko Kusanagi]])
Angry Joe
8-Bit Mickey (no Handsome Tom)
Cinema Snob
Jew Wario
Film Brain
Luke Mochrie
Sad Panda (NEW!)
Jesu Otaku (NEW!)
Oancitizen (NEW!)

[[WMG: The people of Channel Awesome will cosplay as their favourite characters in science fiction.]]
Kind of like in WebVideo/SuburbanKnights. These would include
* Linkara as [[Series/DoctorWho the Doctor.]]
* (Sorta) Confirmed by the cast photo: Doug Walker as ComicBook/JudgeDredd, Marzgurl as Motoko Kusanagi (Franchise/GhostInTheShell), Angry Joe wearing an eye patch, CR wearing a visor, Oancitizen wearing Yoda ears.

[[WMG: Critic-as-Judge-Dredd will sing (or at least parody) "Stars" from Theatre/LesMiserables.]]
What? Both Dredd and Javert have "undying devotion to the letter of the law" as a key character trait. Doug has a great singing voice. He's a fan of broadway. The songs title vaguely fits the sci-fi theme. Plus it would be [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome AWESOME]]!!!

[[WMG: The site's "teams" will be important in the crossover.]]
The reviews on the site are divided into Team TGWTG, Blistered Thumbs, Inked Reality, Team [=NChick=] and (informally) Team Marganars. (Team Snob doesn't count because those are just Brad's friends in Springfield, and only Jillian has been seen in the behind-the-scenes stuff.) These teams will actually be made into physical units in the film as some sort of competition.

[[WMG: Spoony being fired is just {{Kayfabe}}]]
To tie into the storyline of his Ultima reviews. Two clues: one, they insist strangely strongly that it has nothing to do with his breakdown on Twitter. Two, in his second part of the Ultima IX review, the Guardian taunts him about how his friends and co-workers have abandoned him, and soon nothing will be left of him but anger and madness. Thus, either RealLifeWritesThePlot, or the "Spoony gets fired" thing was staged to enable the Ultima review storyline; if the latter is the case, he will return once the Ultima reviews are done.
** They'd be utter shitstains if this was true, and we've seen over four years that they're not. Plus, why would Holly (who has Fibromyalgia and other health problems) put herself through all the stress of fan insults and questions if it was all faked?
*** Speaking as somebody who watches the videos and read the announcement, only knows about the twitter becuase somebody linked him to a transcript of it and never bothered with the forums... who/what?
*** [[ Holly]]. She's head of the site and deals with all the PR stuff. She spent about two days on twitter answering all the questions and got a lot of bullshit for her trouble, including disgusting fuckheads mocking her after she told someone else (who asked if she found rape jokes funny) that she'd been raped.
* Spoony spends the entire first part of his ''To Boldly Flee'' commentary explaining the situation. In short, Noah had been having issues with Channel Awesome since ''Suburban Knights'', and probably even before then. Pulling a Charlie Sheen on Twitter didn't help his standing with the staff, but it wasn't what got him removed; it was just the culmination of some long-running drama, and the final push that inspired him to break away altogether. Also, relations between Spoony and Channel Awesome are apparently quite a bit more amicable than the Internet thinks.

[[WMG: Spoony will return]]
Years later. Similarly to WebVideo/ThatDudeInTheSuede.
* What I find more likely is that there'll be a tentative truce, and he might still interact with them, a la Creator/LordKaT and to a lesser extent the AVGN, but will not be a part of Channel Awesome again.

[[WMG: Since Spoony's no longer a part of the site, they'll drop Spooning With Spoony...and promote someone else to the 'spooner']]
Sage would be the obvious choice since he terrified even Spoony in the 'Rejected Spooning with Spoony Ideas', but that's a bit TOO obvious. So my guess? The last person you'd expect.
* They could possibly also drop the RapeAsComedy part. Kinda like Linking Up with Linkara, only without [[spoiler: Nostalgia Chick and Marz Gurl pulling a prank on him.]]
* know...pull one of the rejected ideas out of a hat and see what happens.
* FWIW, Spoony has kept it, with a recent video of Interlocking With Insano, which is pretty much a sciency ripoff of Spooning With Spoony 2.

[[WMG: The [[WebVideo/BumReviews Bum Review]] of Film/ManOfSteel will feature General Zod.]]
Just as the WesternAnimation/{{Rango}} review featured Raoul Puke, the Film/ManOfSteel review will be [[HostileShowTakeover hijacked]] by General Zod because he is the main villain of the movie. Zod will paint himself as the hero of the film, fighting the renegade Superman.
* IKnewIt, although I was wrong about how Zod would handle the review.

[[WMG: The fifth year anniversary will concern the efforts of several contributors to move into the power vacuum left by the departure of the Nostalgia Critic in order to become the site's new headliner.]]

Obvious candidates: Diamanda Hagan, Sage, Linkara, Nostalgia Chick, Phelous, Welshy. Possibly Spoony, if Noah can be persuaded to come back for another anniversary.
* Jossed already. Critic makes it clear in the ''Film/CutthroatIsland'' review that he wants the Chick to take his place as the main reviewer, and the cast commentary for WebVideo/ToBoldlyFlee has Holly saying there'll be nothing big for a few years.
* Even more jossed now that the Critic has returned.

[[WMG: TaraD's How To Be A Better Criminal will be picked up]]
Given that Doug already likes her, I wouldn't be shocked if it was brought in after a few episodes.

[[WMG: People Attending Year Five]]
First of all, I KNOW they're not doing a big cast thing this year, and they don't necessarily have to be there in person to play a role. So who seems most likely to attend?
* Inevitable No-Brainers - Nostalgia Critic, Nostalgia Chick, Linkara, Cinema Snob
* Strong Supporters - Phelous, Lupa, Paw, Todd, CR, Angry Joe, Sage
* Potential Newcomers
** Rachel and Malcolm - it's only inevitable
*** Confirmed on their Facebooks
** E Rod, the Blockbuster Buster - I'm sure Doug got a lot of emails asking to put him in last year
** Sci-Fi Guy - he has cameoed in 3 Critic episodes
** Nash / Y Ruler of Time - by virtue of Doug at least knowing them
* Possible No-Shows (at least not in the main cast)
** Spoony - kinda obvious by now
** Creator/JewWario - has sadly left the site as well, :(
** Oancitizen - if only because Kyle has his master's degree project going on.
** 8-Bit Mickey - has gotten plenty of development over 4 specials, plus Game Heroes is done
* Personal picks of people to let go
** Marzgurl - She's been in 4 specials already, plus her videos releasing has sorta declined for the time being
** Luke Mochrie - he's practically disappeared from the site
** Film Brain - he's gotten plenty of development and screentime

[[WMG: Year 5 will concentrate a good percentage on Nostalgia Critic]]
OK, so Doug Walker confirmed that the new TGWTG Anniversary will be more low key, and WebVideo/MarzGurl said in one of her streams that all she heard is that a bunch of producers may be doing Year 5 projects, but Channel Awesome has not contacted much of the producers as far as we know.
* Jossed - According to Rob, "The "Critic" won't be appearing. Doug will, though."

[[WMG: Year 5 will be a Deconstruction of the characters and series as a whole.]]
We've already seen signs of this-probably most notable being Linkara's potential FaceHeelTurn in which the ComedicSociopathy we've accepted as normal is actually a sign of said potential FaceHeelTurn. This anniversary would have the effects of [[WebVideo/ToBoldlyFlee the meta-inducing plot hole]] changing the meta-textual fabric of the Channel Awesome universe, so that character interactions have reactions more in line to how they'd work in RealLife.

[[WMG: The Channel Awesome universe version of Satan's appearance and plans varies depending on who he visits.]]
With said form and motive being a mockery/having relevance to the target
* When finally appearing in person to the WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic, he's a sharply dressed BadassBaritone with the infamous "Son of the Mask" as his masterpiece. One of the worst villains the Nostalgia Critic [[WebVideo/SuburbanKnights has encountered]] was sharply dressed and physically imposing. Since the Nostalgia Critic's job is to review bad movies, what better way to torment him than with one? Plus the Nostalgia Critic had just ended his time of [[AscendedToAHigherPlaneOfExistence being a the plot-hole]], so this is the best way the Devil can get back at the closest thing on Earth to [[{{God}} his former employer.]] His previous appearance as the Teddy Ruxpin was long before all this chaos happened, so he simply manifested in a form most frightening to the Nostalgia Critic
* Ask That Guy has tried to prove that he's pretty much the devil, the real Satan got annoyed at his [[AGodAmI The]] [[InvertedTrope Devil Am I]], so he found someone who deals with more disturbing material than Ask That Guy could ever bear and [[TheDeterminator not bat and eye.]] BennetTheSage was ''perfect.'' However, Bennet himself has proven [[NightmareFuelStationAttendant so unnerving]] that even ''the Devil'' no longer wants to imitate or meet(just as Bennet planned).
* While he chose a more obvious appearance for [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Linkara]](the most [[CardCarryingVillain outspokenly evil]] character with the look of his employer), his plan was different. Linkara had stopped [[TheDreaded Lord]] [[MultiversalConqueror Vyce]] and [[EldritchAbomination the Entity.]] To avoid fighting him would require some of his [[DealWithTheDevil corruption skills.]] Knowing that he was reviewing ComicBook/OneMoreDay, his deal would be steeped in irony and NotSoDifferent. Linkara's main problem with Spiderman's DealWithTheDevil(along with the writers themselves) is how irresponsible and "easy way out" it is, and how he's wasting something big to fix something small-had he accepted the deal [[NotSoDifferent Linkara would've taken the easy way out]], and [[{{Hypocrisy}} sacrificed his ''soul'']] just to erase [[ComicBook/OneMoreDay some terrible comic]] that will undoubtedly become just an ugly yet microscopic footnote in the history of fiction(let alone humanity).
* Being in the same universe as Channel Awesome, Satan decided to possess [[WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd the AVGN's]] Super Mario Bros 3 game. The reason is that its his favourite game, and what would be more vile to the Nerd than to make his most beloved game be a vessel for complete and total evil? This is also considering how much time the Nerd spends playing bad games to the point of getting used to them, and being [[PalsWitJesus allies with Super-Mecha Death Christ 2000 BC 4.0 Beta?]]

[[WMG: Rob Walker is secretly M. Night Shyamalan]]
Which is why he pronounces "Iroh" as "ee-row" and "Sokka" as "Soh-kuh."

[[WMG: Doug's review of Film/TransformersAgeOfExtinction will be an inversion of his previous reviews]]
Whereas the first three reviews had the Nostalgia Critic reviewing the films with Chester A. Bum's traditional hyperactive, fast-cutting style; when Chester reviews the fourth movie, he'll try to review like the Nostalgia Critic. Chester will have problems since there will be no footage for him to work with, he'll have to actually analyze the movie instead of gushing about it, and he'll have to extend the review by several minutes to match the length of the Critic's videos.
* Jossed. The Critic reviewed it, but he did not copy the Bum's style this time.

[[WMG: Possible Future D20 Live Players]]
This is here mostly because Big Mike picks from a lot of TGWTG people, it makes sense to put here since D20 Live doesn't ahve its own page.

* WebVideo/AngryJoe
* Music/{{Brentalfloss}}
* WebVideo/IronLiz
* Linkara: He's there every year
* Creator/LordKat
* [[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick Lindsay]]: She's referenced D&D before, and she hangs out with Nella and Mara Wilson, so...
* Nella
* WebVideo/PawDugan
* WebVideo/ThatSciFiGuy
* [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Spoony]]: Tandem lives again!


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