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[[WMG: Rei's parents were abducted by aliens.]]
What? We never see Rei's parents, or hear anything about them. They probably wanted Rei too, but he managed to escape. He kept quiet about it because obviously no one would believe him. At some point he and the Bái Hǔ Zú will go on a mission to save them. Stranger things have happened on this show...
* knowing this show, they will be... ''bit-beasts''. But I think that they're just too busy working or something. Probably as restaurant owners...

[[WMG: All bit-beasts can talk.]]
Only Dragoon (and dub-only Dizzi) have been shown to be able to talk, but it's possible that the other bit-beasts are able to talk as well. They probably just don't feel that they have anything interesting to say.

[[WMG: Kai and Takao are related.]]
Yeah, yeah, shoot me. I still maintain Hitoshi looks like an older Kai.
* But that would mean that Kai is related to Takao...'''SQUICK'''.
** What? Do you ship them?

[[WMG: The HMS concept never truly caught on, and only lasted a few decades until traditional materials defaulted.]]
...And a new system taking advantage of combustion is researched. Technically a census well after the generation in G-Revolution made Kyōju's young profession in Beyblade improvement much younger. While BEGA had truly disolved after Volkov's sentencing was over, everything worked on in the Heavy Metal System period hung on census by the World Beyblade Battle Association. Eventually, his shop closed and it was back to familiar ground. Simply put, amplifications in the metal alloys are too risky for hapless destruction with inconsistent tournament qualifiers. But a random technician will find a way to use ember generation legally for advantageous equality.

[[WMG: Team WHO worked for the Saint Seals, and weren't cursed at all]]
After they got defeated, the Saint Seals saw them and decided to use them as vanguard, giving them bit-beasts that matched their appearance (Mariam's idea to have a bit of fun). Then they realized they gave the ability to teleport...

[[WMG: Kai and Mariam ended up in a strange relationship due a drunken encounter at the start of V-Force]]
Kai got drunk to deal with both his grandfather and Dunga's constant attacks, while Mariam was tricked into drinking some alcohol by Dunga and discovered she couldn't take it. The day later, the two of them awoke in the same bed... And got shit scared, with Mariam running away with Kai's ScarfOfAsskicking. For all the series, the two tried to deal with losing their virginity to a complete stranger, plus Kai wanted his scarf back and Mariam couldn't get to talk to him alone for all her stalking (either her team followed her or Kai was attacked every time), until they finally got together at the end of the series (and Kai finally got his scarf back).
During G-Revolution Kai is desperately trying to defeat Takao to impress Mariam's parents, and finally managed to get their blessing after defeating Brooklyn.
* This is a very strange theory but I approve of it immensely, not so much the underage drinking that was involved (Kai was 13/14 at the time).
** Kai [[VodkaDrunkenski lived in Russia long enough to adopt the local attitude to alcohol]] (we never noticed because he doesn't drink unless he's celebrating or in a terrible mood, and never where people would snatch his booze), and Mariam probably doesn't even ''know'' about laws on underage drinking.
*** Works for me.

[[WMG: The reason Kai struggled in so many battles, and overall was just not really like himself in V-Force was...]]
A direct result of the Russian tournament in season 1.

-Kai regained at least some of his memories from his Abbey days (memories which he lost due to a traumatic incident)
-Said memories were likely traumatic but Kai being Kai would have bulldozed through them as best he could.
-He almost died and would have had his friends not forgiven him/been less decent people.
-Sōichirō Hiwatari, just Sōichirō Hiwatari.

So, after the tournament Kai had to deal with the emotional and psychological strain of regaining likely traumatic memories, (and more may have returned between seasons 1 & 2) come to terms with a near death experience. Kai also likely had to testify against his grandfather as in season 3 Volkov returned for revenge but Sōichirō was strangely absent.

Come season 2, Kai is incredibly scrawny, more talkative but also awkward about it because it goes against how he usually is. Kai struggled in most of his battles, and then the thing with Yūya happened which just added to the emotional strain.

Long story short, in V-Force Kai looks & acts so different because he's still trying to deal with the emotional strain from the Russian tournament, the time away from his friends and teammates didn't seem to help, but once he reunited with them, by G-Revolution the old Kai is back and he's no longer scrawny or struggling in most of his battles.
** ... '''Whoa. ''This actually makes sense.'''''
** Except for the 'scrawny' part. Though I guess he could've been skipping meals due to trauma or paying for his schooling or something, I guess. And his outfit is actually emphasizing his thinness, too. And the reason he got back to more or less his physical normality is because Takao, Rei, and the others made sure he was eating properly, as well as working out.
** And to go into more depth on the above theory (seriously, its a good reason), Kai's more talkative in season 2 cause he probably felt a need (probably his subconsciousness) for comfort, stability, closeness to people, etc.; and the best (and probably only) source to find it seemed to be his friends. He didn't get close to Yūya cause he didn't want people to see his weakness. Or he just didn't want to ruin Yūya's fanboy status; since its kind of giving him the ego boost he needs, and he also has to sort out his emotions about putting his grandpa on trail, as well as nearly losing his life before he adds extra stress. Or he's just being Kai. Anyway, due to defeat at the beginning of the series, his ego boost is gone, so he checks up with friends to make sure he's still the best, as well as calming down nerves. He wants to be closer to his friends since he's been apart from them for so long after they saved his life; feeling more closer to them than anyone else he has for like years; but doesn't really know how to go about at it, so he remains awkward. Also, he probably feels like he owes them for saving his life and doesn't want to try to cause them trouble anymore, which is why he didn't do a face-heel turn in season 2.
** As for struggling more often to win battles; I've got that covered, too. Kai's not just mentally and emotionally strained, he's also physically strained. Kai hasn't been in practice for like, a year. Add my theory of him skipping his meals and maybe recurring nightmares (what d'you expect? Instant recovery?) of the trail/trauma-filled past/near-death experience for at least the first few months and yeah: he's not exactly in tiptop physical state. Also, lack of sleep can kind of destabilize and derail your mental and emotional thought process. Add Yūya's experience into the equation and you have an emotionally wrecked teenager. Probably felt guilt about it, along with remorse and all that other stuff. Then he has to fight while being reminded of Yūya at nearly every turn; wrecking him even more.
** Anyway, he's slowly recovering, but is still emotionally wrecked (probably Yūya-filled nightmares) and still physically down, resulting in him having a MASSIVE decline in his battle abilities. His friends help to patch things up the best they can off and on screen. Also,he might be subconsciously holding back due to not wanting to be addicted to power and losing Dranzer. Scared of turning out like Yūya, Yuriy and his grandad, I guess... Which is why he has so much trouble with winning battles. So he's WAY more cautious and less focus on power, resulting in him being in trouble for the most of his battles. Though it doesn't help things when his first battle happens while he keeps getting reminded of the person he feels guilty about, and his second main battle resulted in a 2-on-1, meaning Rei had to pitch in to keep things even. Though he would've probably thrashed them without effort if he was in season 3 mode.
** And this brings me to season 3. The reason Kai's back to normal in season 3 is cause he is now emotionally and physically in top health. He is closer to his friends; no longer feeling the need to establish their friendship, which is why he's more happy, content, less prone to revealing his emotions at the drop of a hat and satisfied to revert back to normal. And he feels he can now betray Takao without feeling too bad cause he no longer has a debt to pay. Also, his relationship with Dranzer is stronger. His relationship with Dranzer might have been unstable in season 2; since he left it behind in season 1. He must have spent the whole of season 2 strengthening his bond with dranzer, which is why he's back to normal in season 3.
** And before you say anything: this is all my theory on what he means. I might be wrong; I might be correct; but this is all '''''my theory'''''. I'm just putting this hear as a more in depth explanation as the most logical theory I could think of on ''why'' he acted like that from the first tropers theory, along with my ideas.
*** A lot of this is like, exactly what I was trying to get across or really really close, but I fail at words. Also I think it was less that Kai felt he could "betray" Takao and more that he felt he could switch teams but remain friends with Takao despite their intense rivalry. Of course, if that's the cause it didn't go quite as planed as Takao was pretty peeved off, Rei seemed to be the only one to realize what was up without Kai needing to explain. (But then Rei tends to do that)
* So when they met up and left to battle on good terms, Rei told Takao about Kai's reason for leaving the team, which is why he didn't seem to hold a grudge against Kai? I thought he'd figured it out on his own or something. But then, according to Takao's personality, I bet he'd probably thought they could settle it after the fight or something. But I think the real reason he freaked was cause he had abandonment issues (check fridge logic).

[[WMG: Bái Hǔ Zú are the same race as Thundercats.]]
No need to explain, cat-toothed mouths, cat-eyed humanoids... Do I need to say more?

[[WMG: The Blader DJ was replaced in ''V-Force'' due a restraining order]]
The BBA Team got scared of him stalking them around the world, especially for the European exhibition match (they could understand the various tournaments as his job, but not that), and filed one. Thus in the subsequent tournaments the BBA provided a new one.

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