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* BigBad: Dr. Herzog.
* BigNo: Your character yells this if you get a GameOver and have no continues left.

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* NintendoHard

* {{Expy}}: The male PlayerCharacter is one to [[Film/{{Aliens}} a Colonial Marine]], while the female PlayerCharacter is one to [[Videogame/ResidentEvil Jill Valentine]].

* WeakTurretGun: Area 6 boss, Myriax, occasionally summons small gun turrets that


* WeakTurretGun: Area 6 boss, Myriax, occasionally summons small gun turrets that

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''Xeno Crisis'' is a {{Retraux}} top-down RunAndGun game, [[ funded]] on Website/{{Kickstarter}} and developed by Bitmap Bureau. It is set in a not-so-distant future, where a group of marines are sent out to defeat a massive incursion of mindless, insectoid aliens that now infest Outpost 88. Thus, the player blasts their way through the Outpost's seven ProcedurallyGeneratedLevels as one of these marines (two, if they play co-op.)

It is notable for being a 2019 game that was made for UsefulNotes/SegaGenesis first and foremost. However, it was also released for [[UsefulNotes/IBMPersonalComputer PC]] through UsefulNotes/{{Steam}}, as well as UsefulNotes/PS4, UsefulNotes/NintendoSwitch and UsefulNotes/XboxOne.

!!Tropes present in this game:
* BodyHorror: The first area boss, Shima, is an unholy, immobile mass of bloated flesh with spidery legs on both sides and permanently agape mouth full of teeth - one that it is nevertheless almost completely filled by ''more flesh'' (red-coloured, as if it were guts) spilling out of it. Its main power lies in the ability to rapidly spawn lots of its spider[=/=]tick brethren, but it has two fast ranged attacks as well.
** Dr. Herzog's second form is already pretty horrific, being a fleshy creature with arachnid legs and a huge mouth across its entire body. The third form, though, outright covers the entire battle arena in flesh, and sits in its center like some stalk.
* BossRush: You unlock this mode through beating the game on Hard.
* BottomlessMagazines: Averted; the playable marines start with about a 100 bullets in their rifle, though that amount can be expanded through upgrades. However, ammo crates are quite frequent, and in the boss rush mode, they will be dropped in right as you are about to run out anyway.
* DefeatEqualsExplosion: All the bosses die for good after a series of explosions tearing through their body once their HP runs out. The only exception is Teardrop, which collapses into an ash heap instead.
* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu: You literally kill Cthulhu in this game, and he is only a mid-tier boss to boot!
* EndlessGame: The Infinite mode of the game.
* EnergyBall: Cthulhu fires either multiple ball lightnings as his only attack in the small, flickering form, or a single green orb as one of its attacks in the
* EverythingFades: The basic enemies explode in the pools of blood and are then gone before they even have time to stain the floor.
* EyeBeams: If you end up in front of Cthulhu's true form even briefly, his eyes will start glowing, and then he'll fire two shock beams almost immediately afterwards.
* FlashOfPain: Unlike most examples, the enemies and bosses light up in blue when damaged.
* FlunkyBoss: The first boss, Shima, will regularly spawn entire groups of its tick-like larvae.
** Cthulhu regularly spawns crab-like creatures as well. While Shima's spawn were emerged in groups all at once, he only creates them one at a time, but this offset by them possessing far superior defence, while still closing distance at a good speed.
** Myriax is a mostly mechanical boss that has turrets pop out from beneath the floor tiles on the opposite side of the room from where you currently are.
** Dr. Herzog fires four-five pods from his form's gaping mouth that land around the area and turn into another arachnid-like enemy.
* OneWingedAngel: The FinalBoss, Dr. Herzog, meets you in the battle arena as an old guy in a wheelchair. However, he transforms into a spidery monster with a huge mouth across its body right as the battle starts. Then, he transforms again, now into an immobile monster at the center of a sanctuary made out of flesh,
* PointBuildSystem: You can improve marine's health, speed, power, ammo limit, grenade amount and grenade power stats, which is done through investing points represented by dog tags into them.
* SequentialBoss: Cthulhu regularly switches between his small, ghostly phase, where his damage output isn't very high, but he is harder to hit and is also protected by three indestructible orbs circling around it, and a large phase where it's much easier to hit, but it regularly spawns back-up and attacks much more aggressively.
* ShoutOut: In the prologue cutscene, the transport pilot who delivers your marines says "[[Franchise/StarWars I have a bad feeling about this.]]"
** Area 4 boss is straight-up called "[[Franchise/CthulhuMythos Cthulhu]]".
** Area 5 boss is styled after ''Film/{{Predator}}'': it is fought in the jungle, it has an extremely similar appearance, it rubs mud all over itself to fool thermal scanners, etc. Its name, Teardrop, is also a perfect anagram for Predator.
* SpreadShot: Shima fires a wide five-shot spray directly at player's location. The biggest problem is that it is pretty and has no charge-up time, and so can unpredictably arrive right before or after it spawns a bunch of ticks, or fires a single large orb.
** Death Viper regularly fires a 8-directional spread from its tail.
** Teardrop pulses a series of projectile spreads from somewhere in its body.
* WeakTurretGun: Area 6 boss, Myriax, occasionally summons small gun turrets that

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