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''Sacred 3'' is a 2014 HackAndSlash game. It serves as a loose {{Sequel}} to ''VideoGame/{{Sacred}}'', most specifically to its SpinOff ''Sacred Citadel'', which introduced its plot and story.

In an unspecified, but presumably very big amount of time after the events of ''Sacred'', the Seraphim, guardians of the recovered Heart of Ancaria, have fallen from grace with the land's inhabitants. The foreign warlod Zane, allied with demons from Underworld, has invaded Ancaria to annexionate it to his Ashen Empire, and now intends to open the gates of Hell by using the Heart of Ancaria. In order to stop the menace, a new batch of heroes has appeared, led as always by the Seraphim Claire, eager to recover their place as guardians of light.

Subjected to criticism from day zero due to tone and gameplay changes, which included abandoning the open world system used by ''Sacred'' and ''Sacred 2'', this game is the only in the franchise that didn't feature any expansion.

!!The game and ''Citadel'' provide examples of:

* AmbiguouslyBrown: The Safiri warriors.
* BigBad: The Gatebreaker in ''Citadel'', lord Zane in ''3''.
* BittersweetEnding: ''Citadel'' ends with [[spoiler:the Gatebreaker destroyed and the Ashen Empire forced into retreat, but the Seraphim are in disarray and their leader goes into self-imposed exile in shame due to her inability to save the Citadel, and the narrator states that the Empire is far from finished. However, at the same time, the heroes' actions have inspired an organized resistance that is quickly growing in number. Oh, and the Grimmoc Mama escapes with an apparently valuable Seraphim artifact.]]
* SequelHook: ''Citadel'' has a few. [[spoiler:The Gatebreaker says outright just before he dies that his death will not stop the Ashen Empire for long, plus the Grimmocs escape with a Seraphim artifact.]]
* WakeUpCallBoss: Rocksnore in ''Citadel''.

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