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* AlliterativeName: Brian Basco.
* AndNowForSomeoneCompletelyDifferent: You play as Gina Timmins this time around.
* BigBad: Tarantula.

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''Runaway: A Twist of Fate'' was published by Focus Home Interactive SAS, developed by Péndulo Studios, S.L., and released in 2009.

The third part of ''Runaway'' saga starts with a sudden twist - Brian Basco has lost his memory, is accused of murder, has considered insane and put into an asylum. Some mysterious circumstances there result in the point at which Gina attends Brian's funeral. And the game begins at his very own grave where for the first time in the series we control Gina.

As we progress through the game, its chapters interweave solving the problems and mysteries in the present with flashbacks which uncover what exactly has happened after the ending of ''Runaway 2'' and later led to the situation at hand.

The game has also kept its gameplay style with complex inventory puzzles requiring combining of various items, optional (often only for the sake of humour) actions and responses for them. Also it features some fast location travelling, handy hint system and hotspots highlighting.


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