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* QuicksandBox (Many people need help getting through the ''tutorial'', let alone understanding the actual game.)

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A free MMORPG based on the open source "Crystal Space" engine. It takes place in the [[BeneathTheEarth underground realm]] of Yliakum, encased within a gigantic stalactite. The game is unfinished- current players are also testers of the game, and many of the game mechanics don't work. Roleplay is encouraged, particularly since a lot of the other stuff isn't very exciting at the moment.

This game provides examples of:
* AbsurdlySpaciousSewer (The sewers beneath Hydlaa. There's a whole ''cult'' living down there!)
* BeneathTheEarth
* CallASmeerpARabbit (The rats)
* CatGirl (Female Enkidukai)
* ContinuingIsPainful (The Death Realm, and Dakkru's Curse)
* EmoteAnimation (Just one- /greet. There are other emote commands but they don't have any animations.)
* EnoughToGoAround
* EverythingFades (More like, everything just vanishes a few seconds after you kill it.)
* FetchQuest
* FlatEarthAtheist (Atheist is an option under religion during character creation, even though there are many obvious signs of the gods' existence)
* GenderBender (The god Laanx was originally female)
* GuideDangIt (The quest system is notoriously counterintuitive- and what's worse, you can't even get help on the forums, as it's considered spoilers.)
* HeKnowsAboutTimedHits (There's a tutorial section when you make your first character on an account, in which [=NPCs=] cheerfully talk to you about game mechanics. It's explicitly stated to be OOC when you start though.)
* HideYourChildren (The addition of child avatars is unlikely to ever occur- some players RP as kids anyway.)
* ItemCrafting (One of the most developed parts of the game)
* ItsAllUpstairsFromHere (The Windowless Tower- a subversion, as so far it's completely useless other than for a nice view.)
* OneSizeFitsAll
* PaletteSwap (There are a few enemies that have the same models as other enemies, but different textures)
* PamphletShelf averted- There are two libraries in the game, and they have fairly good-sized books, though not nearly as long as real books would be.
* PronounTrouble (Kran have no gender, so "kra" is used as a replacement pronoun for them, and "gemma" is used in place of "sir" or "madam".)
* PurelyAestheticGender
* QuicksandBox (Many people need help getting through the ''tutorial'', let alone understanding the actual game.)
* RelationshipValues (The "Faction" points are a variation, in that they show your character's standing with various groups of people or monsters.)
* RetCon (Since the game's not finished, there have been several of these)
* SlashCommand
* VendorTrash (There's a lot of it.)
* WeBuyAnything averted- shops only buy certain categories of items, usually the same kinds they sell.
* YouCantGetYeFlask (The quests, again.)

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