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* EyeScream: Ogroum Papas.

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* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: The passwords in the GBC version are modified versions of words. For example, "JMMPPR" ("Jumper," fitting for a platformer) or "CLLRRS" ("Colors"). The password for one level? "DDMMNN."

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* UnderwaterBossBattle: The giant octopus boss is fought in an underwater room.

* NuttySquirrel: Mr. Nutz himself.

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'''''Mr. Nutz''''' is a MascotWithAttitude platformer created by Creator/OceanSoftware. It was originally released for the UsefulNotes/SuperNintendoEntertainmentSystem in 1993, but has since been ported to other consoles including the UsefulNotes/SegaMegaDrive, UsefulNotes/GameBoyColor, and UsefulNotes/GameBoyAdvance.

The game is a 2D sidescroller starring a FunnyAnimal squirrel named [[ProtagonistTitle Mr. Nutz]]. Mr. Nutz goes on a journey to prevent the evil yeti Mr. Blizzard from freezing the world.

The game is well known for being... ''[[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs unusual]]'', '''especially''' where boss fights are concerned.

!!This game contains examples of:
* AnIcePerson: Mr. Blizzard.
* BigfootSasquatchAndYeti: Mr. Blizzard is a rare villainous example.
* CirclingVultures: Parodied with the second boss, a witch vulture riding a broomstick, who will sometimes ride in a circle.
* CreepyCircusMusic: Little Clown's battle music has this sound.
* EdibleAmmunition: Mr. Nutz can throw acorns at enemies.
* EverythingsSquishierWithCephalopods: One boss is a giant octopus.
* {{Expy}}: The second boss is a clear ShoutOut to ''Disney/SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarves'', looking like a cross between the Witch and the vultures who stalk her.
* FinalBoss: Mr. Blizzard.
* GenericDoomsdayVillain: Mr. Blizzard isn't given much of a personality.
* GiantSpider: The first boss is one, though his scariness is [[NightmareRetardant hampered]] by his hillbilly-esque appearance. He still gets some dramatic music for his boss fight, though.
* GoombaStomp: One of Mr. Nutz's primary attacks.
* MagicalClown: Little Clown can change his size, and also unscrew his own head, causing several Little Clown heads to fly at Mr. Nutz.
* MonsterClown: Little Clown, the penultimate boss.
* NuttySquirrel: Mr. Nutz himself.
* WorldOfFunnyAnimals: Mr. Nutz and some of the bosses are {{Funny Animal}}s.

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