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[[caption-width-right:350:To the right is your EvilCounterpart, and the boss of the third level.]]

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An [[FreewareGames Indie Game]] from 2002, [[ Medicalat]] is a three-level [[SideView side-scrolling]] ShootEmUp where a space nurse and her personal KillSat in form of a huge syringe take on endless waves of enemies in the veins of a person to defeat TheVirus who infects everything and everyone. A good game to fill pauses at work.
* ChargedAttack: Collection variety. You absorb enemies or their bullets and load the KillSat syringe. This makes its spread shot wider and also fuels the WaveMotionGun.
* ChekhovsGunman: The other nurse first appears as just another enemy, but returns as a boss later.
* CuteBruiser: The player's nurse.
* CuteWitch: One of the enemy types. Some come with a warning.
* EliteMooks: Cyber sharks. {{Wave Motion Gun}}s come late in the game.
* [[ThreateningShark Everything Is Even Worse With Sharks]]: Rocket-powered cyber sharks.
* ExcusePlot: See the introduction line.
* ExplosiveOverclocking: Overcharging your weapon results in an explosive discharge, costing you all power and a health point.
* [[GiantSpider Giant Melon]]: The first boss.
* HollywoodHealing: Eat a red pill to fill up one health point.
* KillSat: Looks like a huge syringe and travels with you. It also is your WaveMotionGun.
* MegaNeko: The second boss is a giant cat-like balloon with a scorpion tail.
* MindControl: The other nurse is under this.
* MoeAnthropomorphism: {{Cute Witch}}es, devils and of course the two nurses.
* {{Mooks}}: Lots of them, from red blood cell and pumpkins to devils, cyber sharks and {{Cute Witch}}es.
* PowerUp: Three different pill types exist - red pills heal health, green pills recharge the KillSat up and yellow pills can convert energy into health.
* RedShirtArmy: Red blood cells and pumpkins do nothing but getting killed. On hard mode, pumpkins can fire back.
* RuleOfCool
* ShootEmUp
* SinisterGeometry: The third boss fight is again against the other nurse who upon defeat gets trapped in a crystal. Said crystal can fire spheres firing other spheres and diamonds that (on hard mode) explode when destroyed.
* SmallGirlBigGun
* SpreadShot: Your syringe KillSat and most enemies.
* TheVirus: The final boss.
* WaveMotionGun: Everyone! The player character has it, the other nurse has it, there are enemies whose sole attack is this and every boss has a variation.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: The other nurse has green hair.
* ZettaiRyouiki: The other nurse wears Grade A even.

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