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[[caption-width-right:350:[[TapOnTheHead *thunk*]]]]
[[ I Have 1 Day]] is an online Flash PointAndClickGame by Cellar Door Games.

The game opens with a mysterious man looking at a castle in the distance, only for a guard to [[TapOnTheHead knock him out]]. He wakes up in the prison, confused, panicked, and with only 1 day to get back to the castle.

!!This work contains the following tropes:

* BigBad: [[spoiler:The Black Wizard, who performs two body-swap spells, which ends up with him posing as Prince Grey, his assistant as The Black Wizard, and Grey as the assistant in a bid to take over the kingdom.]]
* FreakyFridayFlip: [[spoiler:Prince Grey was the victim of this via the BigBad.]]
* GoneHorriblyRight: The Haste scrolls enable the user to speed things up, but they're too powerful at the speed part. Zanda explains that he nearly burned his house down after using one to cook eggs, but he's willing to sell his last one that wasn't destroyed in a recall. [[spoiler:Buying it is key to the GoldenEnding, as Grey uses it to accelerate the clock in front of the castle to trick the guard into thinking he can let the public in now.]]
* GreatEscape: The quickest way to get out of the prison is this, by digging a hole out of the cell, stripping down a scarecrow, putting it in your place in bed, and using the scarecrow's clothes to pose as a civilian to just walk out.
* MultipleEndings: Depending on if you make it to the castle at 22 hours or 23:
** [[DownerEnding 23 Hours]]: [[spoiler:The Black Wizard has turned everyone at the castle into frogs, including the King. Prince Grey manages to swap back into his body, and drives off the Black Wizard, but no one, including Zanda, knows how to undo the King's frog curse.]]
** [[GoldenEnding 22 Hours]]: [[spoiler:Prince Grey gatecrashes the coronation before the Black Wizard posing as him begins his plan, uses the Body Swap spell to get back his own body and drive off the Black Wizard. The King is saved, Zanda joins the other wizards and they seemingly accept the fake blue one, and Grey marries Sue, the job board lady.]]
* ToiletHumor: Zanda needs "Dragon's Water" to complete his spell for you, which is generally a liquid that is secreted by dragons, mostly as urine. It takes a long time to distill this way though, so he's open to a cleaner option, being [[spoiler:tears from a dragon]]. You find a huge litterbox in the Dragon's Den to get the urine Dragon's Water, which you also need to douse your clothes in to escape.

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