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''iDomination'' is a popular GameMod for the ''VideoGame/TotalExtremeWrestling '' series of games. Taking place in an alternate universe where the WWF's brand of sports entertainment failed when the first Wrestlemania flopped, the mod was released by a user named iDol (hence the name) on the [=EWBattleground=] fan site for the series.

After the fall of Wrestling/{{WWE}}, the Wrestling/NationalWrestlingAlliance has dominated wrestling, but things aren't as good as they all would have thought. Politics have led to Mexico's premier organization to essentially boycott the majority of other North American workers, after the owner accused the [=NWA=] of racism in not allowing a wrestler of Latino descent to win the World Title. And 1993 saw the return of [[Wrestling/VinceMcMahon Vince [=McMahon=]]] to wrestling as his upstart Titan Wrestling Entertainment joined the [=NWA=]. And that's just two of the many promotions in the game.

!!''[=iDomination=]'' provides examples of the following tropes:

* AscendedFanboy: The creator let fans know that a few of the developments happening in the two in-universe years between the original scenario and its sequel where based on a [[AfterActionReport game diary]] done by another user.
* CuttingOffTheBranches: No matter what you did in the 2008 game, the 2010 version has the creator's own personal continuity. It is a sim, after all...
* {{Expy}}: Windy City Wrestling seems to be a mixture of 2005-modern Wrestling/RingOfHonor along with the technical portion of [=IWA=] Mid-South. [=NWA=] Los Angeles is based off of [=XPW=] and other southern California feds, but owes a lot of its inspiration from [=XPW=].
* GamePlayAndStorySegregation: Due to the limitations of the game it's played on, [=NWA=]-wide events such as Starrcade, World War III and the Anniversary Show are only available to the host promotion. It's the same with the World title belts.
* ForWantOfANail: [=WWF=] is gone and the [=NWA=] is supreme due to Wrestlemania failing. Several wrestlers such as Wrestling/ChrisBenoit, Wrestling/EddieGuerrero, Wrestling/CurtHennig and Wrestling/OwenHart are still alive and only Wrestling/BamBamBigelow, Wrestling/EddieGilbert and Giant Baba are noted for not appearing. Several wrestling promotions that are notable today don't exist in their current form or at all, while some federations such as the Wrestling/AmericanWrestlingAssociation and [[Wrestling/{{ECW}} Eastern Championship Wrestling]] are still around, as is Wrestling/{{WCW}}, as the Ric Flair owned [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Ric Flair Promotions]].
* InSpiteOfANail: The [=WWF=] is still technically around, only in the form of Titan Wrestling and is still a national company because of their sports entertainment style (that had to be slowly introduced to the public). Several of the real-world World Champions are also crowned in around the general time period of their real wins; and traces of real promotions can be seen in the new ones. Also, the majority of the [[Wrestling/VonErichFamily Von Erich brothers]], Wrestling/EddieGilbert and Wrestling/BamBamBigelow are still dead.
* IstanbulNotConstantinople: Wrestling/{{ECW}} never went extreme (in their naming, at least) and retained the Eastern, Jim Crockett retired earlier than he did in real life due to bad business deals and sold the company to Ric Flair, creating Ric Flair Promotions, [=ECWA=] changed their name to [=NWA=] Athletic Arts in 2004 in the timeline, as well. It even extends to wrestlers gimmicks, as Wrestling/TheUndertaker never received his deadman gimmick and continues to wrestle as Mean Mark Callous and Wrestling/StoneColdSteveAustin continues his movie star prima donna "Stunning" Steve Austin gimmick.
* PrecisionFStrike: Delivered in-universe by an angry [[Wrestling/{{Sable}} Rena Mero]], who's all-women promotion was snubbed from the [=NWA=] supercard Starrcade due to political reasons.
* Wrestling/RicFlair: Never able to wrestle again after his infamous plane crash in the scenario's first point of divergence, Jim Crockett sold the company to his protege, who has made it moderately successful.
* TimeSkip: The first version takes place in 2008, a prequel that never fully got off the ground was based in 1990, and the latest version took place in 2010.
* WikiRule: [[ It has a small one]]
* WordOfGod:
** After someone questioned the creators about Bam Bam Bigelow's location in the scenario, both creators stated that he died as he did in real life.
** Also, the included [=NWA=] Handbook in the 2008 version has title histories of all the World-class titles.

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