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[[ "Atomic Society"]] is a game published by Far Road Games, set [[AfterTheEnd in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse]]. The player is a person who left a vault in order to prove that civilization could exist on the surface again. In addition to managing the economy of the new settlement to keep the inhabitants alive and healthy, the player must also pass laws to decide moral decisions and defend the settlement from raiders. Currently this game is on early access and is still being developed.

!!Tropes found in ''Atomic Society'':
* AChildShallLeadThem: The player character's age can be anything from 1-99, meaning you can invoke this trope if you wish. The player character's model will look like an adult though.
* AfterTheEnd: The story takes place after a nuclear apocalypse.
* BigBad: After a few days, slaves arrive at your settlement and tell you that their master - a wasteland tyrant who leads the raiders - will expect your submission after either three in-game years or a population mark (whichever comes first). Fail to submit and he'll launch raids against you.
* BlueAndOrangeMorality: One feature of the game is that you will need to pass laws for your town regarding several social issues, not only which activities to criminalize but also how severely to punish those you do. While you could make your laws and punishments all align with modern political theories, you can also mix and match them at random.
* CrapsackWorld: The game takes place in a nuclear apocalypse, in which the player is tasked with protecting a group of survivors. As soon as you start the game outright tells you via pop-up messages that a lot of your settlers will die before you get your economy set up, and even after you do there are raiders to contend with. That's all assuming you intend to rule benevolently.
* GoodGirlsAvoidAbortion: The player can decide whether or not abortion is legal in the town, and even how severely it's punished if it is legal.
* HomophobicHateCrime: One of the issues in the game is how to handle LGBT characters.
* ObviousBeta: The game is in early access.
* StrawVegetarian: Some characters will be vegetarian, which means they refuse to work on ranches or eat meat. The "straw" part comes from the fact that they won't budge on this even when faced with starvation.

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