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'''All Walls Must Fall - A Tech-Noir Tactics Game''' is a UsefulNotes/{{Steam}} StrategyRPG, set in an alternate timeline where the Cold War never ended. The player takes on the role of a secret agent, whose organization has the ability to rewind time in order to stop crimes before they occur. When a rogue nuclear strike hits Berlin, the agent can only go back to the previous day, and must investigate the incident while dealing with enemy operatives that can also manipulate time to their advantage.


* RandomlyGeneratedLevels: Every mission is procedurally generated, so while overall objectives may be similar across runs, things such as building structure and enemy layout will be different every time.
* TimeRewindMechanic: Aside from every stage beginning at the day's start (with information from the previous stage retained), the player has the ability to manipulate time in battle, rewinding bad decisions and reversing injuries.

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