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Hello, I am Laughterfromthesky! Do you care? No! INFODUMP TIME!

Name: Negative infinity

State: Denial!

City: That's a word!

Handle: [[IncrediblyLamePun The one from a po]][[KilledMidSentence *BANG*]]

How I found out about TVTropes:

The HomestarRunner wiki linked to it.

Works TVTropes introduced me to:


{{Sonichu}} (sadly)

{{Portal}} (Sort of. TVTropes was what made me play it.)



I'll add more once I think of them.

Pages created:

{{Hyperboy}}. Yup, it's my fault that it has so little tropes. [[NeedsMoreLove NEEDS. MO]][[ThisIsSparta RE. LOVE.]]
That's it. I just became a troper a little while ago.

Graffiti Dump:
''Insert offensive messages here. And remember, each word is another soul imprisoned on this wall!''
[[color:white:[=OoOoOoOoOoOoH! sPoOkY!=]]]

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