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->This is TV Tropes, bitch! We don't cheer up until you tie us to a wall and whisper sweet nothings about thermal expansion into our ear while you ravish us to the sounds of the Touhou soundtrack.
-->--@/{{Ironeye}} responding to @/{{Blackmoon}} telling everyone to cheer up

Ironeye is a mathematics student and teacher's assistant at the University of California, Irvine campus. Here on the wiki, he's a CutMaster and a [[KnowTheStaff Moderator]]. He enjoys SpeculativeFiction in its many forms, and occasionally gets the bright idea of writing some of his own. Then he wishes he had an actual manuscript so he could ritual purify himself by burning all record of the resulting horror.

He is inordinately fond of MoodWhiplash, {{Anti Villain}}s, SoundtrackDissonance, {{Bittersweet Ending}}s, AlasPoorVillain, GoOutWithASmile, and {{Tear Jerker}}s in general.

!Pages curated by @/{{Ironeye}} when he has the free time available
* AmericansHateTingle
* ''{{Paprika}}''


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