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->''Hey. I figured out how to create my Troper page!''
-->--'''[[Tropers/GalagaGuru This Troper]]'''

The amount of noteworthy things that could be said about this Troper could ''perhaps'' be expressed by a number bigger than zero, but it is not likely.

->''Hey. I figured out how to create my Troper page!''
-->--'''[[Tropers/GalagaGuru This Troper]]'''

[=GalagaGuru=] is a 17-year-old Michiganian troper who enjoys doing the kinds of things you'd expect someone who spends his free time editing TVTropes to enjoy doing.[[hottip:*:Intaking all the common media categories here except ComicBooks and {{Theater}}, essentially. Also writing, editing, playing trombone, golf, and bowling.]] He lurks the internet most commonly under the names [=GalagaGuru=] or [=GallyG=]. Is nostalgic over late 90's and early 2000's.

[[folder:His Obsessions]]
* '''{{Anime}}''': YuYuHakusho, DigimonTamers
* '''{{Film}}''': [[BackToTheFuture Back to the Future]], {{Saw}} [[hottip:*:see western animation for more]]
* '''{{Literature}}''': SherlockHolmes, {{Animorphs}}
* '''LiveActionTV''': {{Supernatural}}, {{Bones}}
* '''VideoGames''': TheLegendOfZelda, {{Mother 3}}
* '''WesternAnimation''': {{Rango}}, {{Pixar}}

!!This troper provides examples of:
* AngstWhatAngst: The first decade of his life was filled with the large amounts of moving, friendlessness, health issues, [[ItGotWorse family loss]], religious crisis, physical abuse, and one occasion of the witnessing of a violent death. He's a pretty easy-going guy.
* BerserkButton: Go ahead. Make fun of his voice.
** A related pet peeve is how making fun of people's voices is less harped on than making fun of people's appearances by MoralGuardians.
* BrickJoke: He has a ''damn'' good long-term memory, and often [[CallBack jokes about]] small moments his friends don't remember.
** Often tangents into ContinuityPorn.
* FanVid: Makes [=AMVs=].
* JumpCut: Likes to subvert/avert this in his YouTube vlogs by either doing doing them in one take or cutting away to other stuff to hide the cuts.

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