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Gather round, dear listeners, a I regale you all with the tale of a cold October night in 1885, ([[ It may have been slightly later than this]]) when the man known on these parts as Dvdmacyoshi came into existence, and has made everyone's lives better as a result. Now, I'm sure you've heard the rumours... that [[ He shot J.R]], that [[DarkwingDuck He is the terror that flaps in the night]], that [[SmallNameBigEgo He is actually just editing this page to talk about how awesome he is.]] Of course, who knows if any of these are true? Oh wait, I do. Yes, yes and yes, for those of you interested (Which ''should'' be you all.)

Feel free to Vandalise this page, but I must warn you, Trespassers will be shot... out of a cannon and into the sun.

Hey. I'm the first vandal. HOORAY! ~@/InhopelessGuy


Hey. I'm the first vandal. HOORAY! ~@/InhopelessGuy~@/InhopelessGuy

* And I'm the -@/VoidsEmpathy

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Hey. I'm the first vandal. HOORAY! ~@/InhopelessGuy

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