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[[redirect:Tropers/ptitleulm4hcsh]]I'm 17 years old and still don't drive.

When I grow up, I'm gonna be a TV show producer, and will start my career by [[{{Defictionalization}} defictionalizing]] ''[[DarthWiki/TheProtectorTheSevenCrystals The Protector: The Seven Crystals]]''. Say ''something'' about in the comments section if you will.

I also hope to direct a film adaptation of {{LEGO}}'s AlphaTeam

Not a Time Lord. Though I am the protector of some Earth-like planet on the other side of the galaxy. :P

Oh, can someone help me with [[ the second song here]]?

Now that I think about it, the tropes section could use some WikiMagic.

!This troper provides examples of:
* CloudCuckooLander: If dreams are anything to go by. I often daydreamed of being the captain of the [[StarTrek Galaxy-class]] ''USS''...uh...what was the name again? NOT the Enterprise, that's for sure. Completely standalone.
** I once called [[{{Quake}} Shub-Niggurath]] ''Shubby-Bub''!
* DoomyDoomsOfDoom: Look at the name! Just ''look'' at it! Though it actually came from coming up for a name for online {{Doom}} gaming, and expanded from there.
* EvilLaugh: Pulled off a pretty effective one in a TV Production class project.
* EvilSoundsDeep: [[SubvertedTrope Oh really]]? Well, I'm not evil or anything, but I believe if a male actor can imitate [[GearsOfWar The Locust Queen]], he can be quite chilling. My brother doesn't agree.
* FailureIsTheOnlyOption: I failed my permit exam ''three times''!
* FetishFuel: anything involving surgically mixing children with animals in a way that leaves the animal's consciousness intact. See my TroperTales entry in NightmareFetishist.
* NightmareFetishist: With not-so-gruesome physical deformities.
* ScreamsLikeALittleGirl: Did I mention I'm 17?
* SueDonym

!Things I like
* {{Bionicle}}: Don't collect the toys anymore, but still follow the story.
* ClassicalMythology: REALLY long story
* GearsOfWar
* HalfLife: Bring out Episode Three, dangit!
* {{Halo}}: [[YuGiOh I play]] Anti-FanDumb Rage Wall!
* IndianaJones: Including ''Crystal Skull''
* Left4Dead
* {{Portal}}
* StarWars
* StarTrek: Particularly [[StarTrekTheNextGeneration TNG]] and [[Film/StarTrek the 2009 film]].
* TeamFortress2
* TwoStepsFromHell

!Articles I launched
* TheGmodIdiotBox
* TwoStepsFromHell

!Comment Section
Ya know, I bet he's the narhwal ~ {{Zyxzy}}

Narwhals are the badass unicorn of the sea! It's a good thing the UF(V)TS and [[OuttaTheBLAM I]] have found an ally!
* To be honest, I have no idea how the word popped into my head, then I look it upo and realized that it's a type of whale. I decided "it's somethine that an elf would use", and it means "idiot"...then I realized the potential irony if it's used on an elf-turned unicorn hybrid. - DoomTay
ParableNews presents DoomTay who will be giving a presentation on kitsunes and foxes.
* Um...uh...something something presents: How to distinguish a fox from a kitsune. Number one: Tail count. If a fox has more than one tail, it is safe to assume it's a kitsune. If it has nine tails...well....let's hope you're [[HitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy carrying a towel]]. Number two: Friendliness. A regular fox will approach you without harm. A kitsune will try to somehow dig itself into your fingernails. If you're not [[PunnyName Justin Case]], this will be [[DemonicPossession unfortunate news]].


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