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* Judo '''CREATE PAGE WITH VANDALISM!''' Wow, I've made three pages this way. desden's gonna be so mad... -Tropers/TestYourMight
** And he is, and he is. You are so gonna die, TYM. BTW: Hi, Anura. Nice to know ya. -@/{{desdendelle}}
*** I must be psychic. U mad, bro? -Tropers/TestYourMight
** TYM, I liked having a redlink name. Just thought I'd put that out there.
* So TYM and des aren't the only people who've vandalized you, ufu~ -@/{{Moerin}}~♥
* Jefferson lives! ~ @/{{deathpigeon}}
* I pour my heart and soul into trying to decipher the ARG URL and all I got was Anura vandalizing my profile, and this stupid T Shirt! ~@/{{adell}}
* '''ALL GLORY TO THE''' '''THREADKING''' -@/{{Ninety}} [[strike:hypnotoad]]

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