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* ScheduleSlip: After page 180 into ''The Little Merman'', Kudaki Kitsune went on a hiatus due to an overload of work at college.

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* WhatCouldHaveBeen: [[ This page]] shows several characters who were scrapped from "The Little Merman".
** One is a jellyfish woman named Melissa, intended to be Ariel's fiancee and the ''real'' BigBad of the story, ratting the runaway prince out to his father because she wants him all to herself. She was scrapped because after the author started to like her and didn't want to make her evil anymore, which led to her losing her place in the story.
** A turtle named Rabastan, who's apparently set to appear in an omake at some point.
** A seahorse named Cecil, based on the little seahorse assistant of King Triton's in the original film. He was scrapped partly because the author worried that he'd be seen as an attempt to PairTheSpares with Flounder and partly because he came off as superfluous.

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