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History Trivia / TylerBryantAndTheShakedown

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*PopCultureUrbanLegends: It is rumored that Bryant had performed a show in Prague years before he formed the Shakedown. While it is true that Bryant has performed in the Czech capital a number of times with the Shakedown, there is no evidence that he had performed there as a teenager, and given the fact that Bryant's family grew up poor, this rumor is probably false.

*ScrewedByTheNetwork: Happened to the group when they were signed to Republic. The label had initially offered to record a full album with the group; after the album was completed, however, Republic refused to release it because they didnít think the album had an Award-Bait Song. The group was kicked off of Republic as a result, and were not even allowed to re-record several tracks from the album.

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