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History Trivia / TwoThousandAndFortyEight

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* FollowTheLeader: Many spin-offs and modifications of the game have been made, including one based off ''VideoGame/FlappyBird'' and another inspired by [[Series/ThatMitchellAndWebbLook Numberwang]]. And of course, [[TheRuleOfFirstAdopters X-rated versions]].
** You can make your own spin-off version [[ here]]. Us vs. Th3m, who created the spin-off generator, [[ has compiled a list of some weirder ones]] (but far from the weirdest: you know the internet).
** The game has even been adapted for ''Microsoft Excel.'' Available in a [[ normal version]], or in a [[ Safe-for-Work one]], that looks just like any other financial statement.

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