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* AscendedFanon: The be-eyepatched Very Old Indy of the ''Chronicles'' was originally proposed as a narrator for the opening and closing "bookend" scenes of an ''Franchise/IndianaJones'' series proper ExpandedUniverse novel. Lucas rejected the conceit for the novel, reasoning that "no one wants to see an old Indy," only to turn around and "borrow" the idea (right down to the eyepatch) in his new TV series.
* CaliforniaDoubling: Yes and no. Most of the series was shot in London, South Africa, Spain, Morocco and the Czech Republic, but they still managed to send the actors to many actual locations and film more than the EstablishingShot there.
* TheCastShowoff: One episode features a brief snippet of Indy singing in the bathtub as he cleans up for a date. Another is about him learning to play soprano sax in Chicago at the height of the Blues craze. Sean Patrick Flannery is an accomplished musician, as he proves here.
* DawsonCasting:
** Sean Patrick Flanery, playing Young Indy, was a decade older than his character.
** Corey Carrier got in on it as well, albeit unintentionally. When the episodes were recut and put together in more chronological order, episodes that were supposed to be chronologically one right after the other (but were filmed years apart) show how much Carrier grew during the series. The first two episodes are Egypt and Morocco, and Carrier looks about a foot taller in the second.
* NamesTheSame: The Phantom Train [[DoomyDoomsofDoom of Doom]] is not ''the'' [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI Phantom Train]].
* TheOtherDarrin: T. E. Lawrence is played by two different actors.
* ScrewedByTheNetwork: For some reason Creator/TheBBC refused to show the episodes with Corey Carrier, in addition to flinging it around the schedules.
* UnfinishedEpisode: Among the episodes being prepped when the series was cancelled were an adventure starring Even Younger Indy (aged 5), and Indy's first meetings with Abner Ravenwood and Rene Belloq (the latter in a story also involving a certain crystal skull).
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Creator/RiverPhoenix was first offered the role of Young Indy, to continue from ''Last Crusade''. He declined, as he didn't feel television had anything to offer his career.
* YouLookFamiliar:
** Paul Freeman (Belloq!) as real-life explorer Frederick Selous in two episodes.
** Actors would often play multiple roles in the series; sometimes this could get a little confusing. The most iconic example is Vic Tablian, who already had two different roles in ''Raiders'' (Barranca and the Monkey Man). Here he plays villain Demetrios in the two-parter "The Curse of the Jackal" and an Armenian saboteur in "Istanbul, September 1918".

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