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History Trivia / StarTrekTheNextGenerationS5E20CostOfLiving

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* DeletedScene:
** Following Lwaxana Troi meeting Minister Campio, there is a continuation of the scene in which she tries to press further to spend time with him to get to know him. She asks him to bear with her until she gets a better grasp of his culture's rules and protocols.
** After Alexander leaves his and Worf's quarters without eating dinner, Worf talks with Troi, he sharing his frustrations with Alexander and her with her mother. Troi describes how her mother mortified her by disappearing from her sixth birthday party and then appearing dressed up as a Koropian princess carried in a sedan chair by four young men. She says that it's always been as if she's the parent and her mother the child and that there's a saying that grandparents and grandchildren get along so well because they have a common enemy.

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* RealitySubtext: Creator/MajelBarrett had just lost her husband, ''Franchise/StarTrek'' creator Creator/GeneRoddenberry, several months earlier, adding another layer to Lwaxana pondering marriage again.


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