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History Trivia / SearchForTomorrow

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* ChannelHop: Moved from Creator/{{CBS}} to Creator/{{NBC}} after the former network cancelled the show in 1982. ''Search'' was only the second (of three) soaps to change networks; ''Series/TheEdgeOfNight'', a sister show (both shows were produced by Proctor and Gamble Productions) was the first.
* TheCharacterDiedWithHim: When Melba Rae (Marge Bergman) died in 1971, her character died as well rather than being recast.
* MissingEpisode: Almost the entirety of the CBS run seems to be lost, although random episodes exist as kinescopes or home recordings.

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* TheOtherDarrin: Like most soaps, many characters were recast over the years.
** Averted, though, in the case of the two long-running characters - Jo was played for the entire run by Mary Stuart, and Stu Bergman was played by Larry Haynes until the end.

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