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* CharacterOutlivesActor: Michael Darbyshire, who played Hubert Davenport, died between seasons. Davenport (and Mumford, whose actor did not want to continue in the show without Darbyshire) were written out by having them score permanent jobs haunting a stately home. (Obviously, in this case, the character was ''already'' dead, but still outlived the actor in the sense of not "moving on".)

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* TheCastShowoff: Michael Staniforth as Timothy Claypole could juggle (not unlikely for a court jester), tumble (ditto) and, er, disco-dance on roller skates... He also wrote and sang the theme tune.
* TheCharacterDiedWithHim: Michael Darbyshire as Hubert Davenport.
* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: Only the first season has been released on dvd, and complicated rights issues make it unlikely the later seasons will be.

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