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** Ghetsis was supposed to become a Genesect hybrid at some point.

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* {{Deleted Scene}}: The author keeps a list of scenes she ended up cutting out on one of the many websites the story is posted on. One example involves Kelvin's journal directly talking about his girlfriend in chapter 24.
* {{What Could Have Been}}: The hybrids were originally intended to be able to take on half-human, half-Pokémon forms, but the author cut it out because she felt that it was unnecessary to the plot.
* {{Write Who You Know}}: {{Word of God}} says that Colby was named after a boy who stood up for her in eighth grade. Now, why in the world would she want to subject him to [[spoiler:such a terrible death]]? She apparently later caught him saying bad things about her behind her back.
** Dr. Kinsey got her first name from a girl who tried to shove her down a staircase.

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