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* WriteWhoYouKnow: Jolly Blackburn has admitted that several of the characters are based on people he knows or have gamed with in real life. B.A. is based on Jolly himself.

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* CastIncest: Sort of. B.A. and Sara are cousins in the comic but are based on the series creators Jolly and Barbara, who are married in real life and not cousins. It works out so that the characters share a surname just like their real life counterparts.

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** Also, Kenzer has released a Western RPG, cowritten by Blackburn, named ''Aces & Eights''.

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** And ''Fairy Meat''.

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* {{Defictionalization}}
** The fictional ''Hackmaster'' RPG played by the characters has since become a real RPG.
** As has B.A.'s in-character creation, ''Dawg: The Role-Playing Game''.
* TropeNamer for:
** CattlePunk: Originally a roleplaying game by the creators of Hackmaster, and known for its lethality. The game still manages to fit all the definitions in the trope.

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